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Unless you’re particularly fond of the paint on your wall (or don’t want to ruin grandma’s weird old flowery wallpaper), there’s few things better to decorate a home with than art. Paintings that a friend made, mirrors to open up a space, maybe a favorite old movie poster that you’ve held onto since college – whatever it is, art is a great way to add a splash of color and personality to any room.

Of course, the thing that all the fun home decor TV shows and DIY websites don’t tell you is that hanging things on the wall can be kind of a pain! A lot of things like mirrors and wall art require some pretty sturdy support, but hammering nails and hooks into the wall isn’t always an option, particularly if you’re renting (or if you just don’t consider yourself too handy with tools).

Do you have something you’ve been hoping to hang up on your walls but don’t want to run the risk of permanent damage by hammering something in? We’ve got a few ideas here to help keep your walls decorated – and safe from permanent damage.

Adhesive Strips

Take a look through any local hardware store and you’ll find a number of adhesive backing strips designed for basically this exact purpose. These are perfect for holding anything flat directly to the wall without permanent damage or a lot of handiwork on your part, and they also provide for a bit more flexibility if you need to move them later.

Sewing Needles & Straight Pins

Hear us out – we’re not suggesting you sew your paintings directly to the wall, but you would be surprised how much weight a sewing needle can support. Most sewing needles can hold up to five pounds, which should be more than enough for most wall-hanging paintings, and they leave much smaller holes that can’t lead to further weakening of your drywall (and potentially cost you your security deposit)!

Floating Shelves

A lot of floating shelves can be installed much more easily than the heavy-duty stuff, and in many cases floating wood shelves can be mounted with little (or no) damage to your walls if you’re careful. These shelves are a good way to display smaller collectibles or photographs up on the wall without major damage to the wall behind it, and are much easier to relocate than the more heavy and permanent stuff.

Re-Use Coat Hooks

Odds are you’re not using all of the coat hooks in your house, so why not put them to work for you? A lot of frames these days have hangers or slots on the back for hooks, giving you a perfect spot to keep your pictures or mirrors on a spare hook right where you need it.

Set It On An End Table

Of course, if you have photographs or smaller works of art that you just want to show off, you might consider getting some table stands and keeping them on an end table or coffee table Tripod stands for small paintings and sculptures are easy to find, and a lot of frames have a flip-out stand like the one your dad used to keep pictures of your family on his desk at work back in the day.


There’s a lot of other options for hanging pictures, but these are some of the easiest and fastest ones – now all you have to do is decide on what paintings you’re hanging!

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