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Wire Shelving Closet

While we carry over 500 kits here at The Shelving Store, sometimes you need a custom solution for your space. That’s why we carry all of the components you need to build your own custom unit. With the widest selection of sizes and accessories available, you can create exactly what you need for efficient storage.

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Things you’ll need…

  1. 4 posts
  2. Extra shelves
  3. Accessories (optional)
  4. Measuring tape (optional)

1. Measure your space


Before you buy your shelves, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got the right fit. Measure the width, depth and height of your space.

2. Measure your stuff

If you have some idea of what you’ll be storing, measure the items with the largest depth, width and height. You’ll want your shelves to be at least as deep as your items.


If you are storing several boxes of roughly the same size, you may want to choose a shelf width that is a multiple of your box width. For instance, if you have many 15″ wide boxes, you can make the most of your shelf space by getting a 30″ or 60″ wide shelf.

3. Pick your shelves

Shelves are measured by their depth and width. We carry sizes from 8″ to 36″ deep for storing anything from CDs to large boxes. Our widths range from 8″ to 72″. You can add as many shelves as you need, from 1 shelf to 10 shelves – it all depends on how tall your posts are and how much space you need between shelves for storage.

4. Pick your posts

You’ll need a pack of 4 posts for a standard unit. We carry 6″ to 96″ posts, and posts can be extended or cut to specific lengths ( just give us a call).

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Consider the height of your space and your stuff. If you plan on storing things on the top of your shelf, make sure that the height of your stuff and the post is under the total height of your space. Posts are actually about half an inch higher than the stated height due to the leveling feet, so take that into consideration. You’ll also want to leave at least an inch of clearance between your stuff and the ceiling for ease of loading.

5. Add accessories (optional)


Some custom units need specialty accessories to add functionality. We have products that will turn your wire shelving into a closet storage kit, a desk, a cart, and much more. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

6. Build your unit


Our shelves are adjustable along the post at every inch. This ensures a custom fit and efficient storage.

Final words…

And there you have it, your completely custom storage unit specialized for your space and your stuff! Call or email us with any questions, and be sure to share your pictures on Facebook! I’ll leave you with some inspiration from our ingenious customers like you…



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