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Customers often ask what the difference between our SI shelving and Metro shelving is. Well today we are here to clear the air.

The short and sweet answer is:

Our wire shelving is manufactured to the same specifications and grade of steel as Metro, meaning they have the same weight capacity. The Super Erecta Metro line we carry has levers that allow for easy shelf adjustment. However, our SI brand has far more sizes to choose from since we stock our brand in bulk. If you put SI brand and Metro side by side you really couldn’t tell the difference but our SI brand is more budget friendly because of our bulk quantities.

But here are some distinguishing factors we want to make you aware of so you can make a decision to best suit your needs.

Metro Shelving

  • Easy to adjust
  • Labeled post for easy assembly
  • More expensive
  • Wider variety in black and white shelving
  • 600 lbs per shelf (evenly distributed)



SI Shelving

  • Adjustable shelves (not as easy as Metro)
  • Wider variety of sizes from chrome finishes
  • More affordable
  • Made from same material with same welding as Metro
  • 800 lbs per shelf (evenly distributed)



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