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cleaning during the pandemic


People all over the place are handling quarantine differently.

Some of us have been surprisingly productive, waking up early and writing that novel you’ve wanted to start forever. The rest of us maybe haven’t been quite as energetic, simply choosing to ride it out day by day and see how things are looking when we inevitably hear the news that day.

It’s probably fair to say we could all use a little help right now with the stress and restlessness brought on by the various quarantine orders affecting America right now and everyone handles this stress differently. One way we’ve always been pretty fond of here at The Shelving Store is through house cleaning!


Some of you may already be rolling your eyes at the idea of taking more work on right now, particularly if you’re still employed during the coronavirus (and especially if you’re on the front lines as an essential worker – and if that’s the case, thank you for all you do!), but hear us out.

In a lot of cases, doing chores around the house, from minor tasks to the biggest redecoration projects, can help instill a sense of calm and reduce anxiety to a degree. Experts have found that this is specifically caused by a greater feeling of control over one’s environment – and a feeling of control is something we’d all like a little more of right now, isn’t it? The simple act of rearranging your living room furniture, setting up that new bedroom dresser, or even just getting some new desk organizers to help you work from home more efficiently can help you feel like you’re effecting positive change in your life, even in a small way.


The sort of specific work being done can have long-term benefits above and beyond the initial effects of positively changing your environment, too. A number of studies have shown that the act of reducing visual clutter can help cut down on the number of visual stimuli you receive, encouraging feelings of relaxation and reducing anxiety or stress. (This can be particularly handy in the bedroom, as less stuff to look at means you’ll have an easier time relaxing!)


From the rush of endorphins you get from performing the actual activities, to the calm feeling you get when the work is done, cleaning your house can go a long way to helping restore some minor feeling of normalcy while this is all going on. Whether you’re just putting up some wall shelves to free up space on your coffee table, or getting some new wire shelving to reorganize the basement, taking on a new cleaning project right now might be just the thing you need to help shake off some of those anxious feelings.

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