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Here at The Shelving Store, we’re fans of wire shelving for many reasons – from its versatility to durability. The “shelfies” our customers’ submit are great testaments to just how handy this type of shelving can be. 

If you’re thinking about grabbing some wire shelves for your home, read on for a handful of ideas on where it can be used. 


Why Wire?

First off, let’s talk about a few benefits of using wire shelving in the home. 



As there are gaps between the rungs of wire shelving, it’s much harder for dust to build up. This structure also allows for air and light circulation. Our brand of wire shelving is also NSF-approved. This means it has been tested and certified for safe use in areas like the kitchen. 



Not only do we offer a wide variety of sizes, but our units are super adaptable. If you realize your math was off or your storage needs change, you can easily move the shelves to a different position. You can add additional shelves or make your unit taller by screwing on extra posts as well. There are also many accessories available to make your shelving suit your needs, from shelf liners to casters.



Our shelving can hold up to 800 lbs of evenly-distributed weight. It’s specially crafted with a reinforced truss spanning side to side, and is welded at contact points for added strength. This helps each shelf hold more weight without bending out of shape. No need to worry about scuffing, warping, or refinishing. 


Where To Use Our Wire

Now, let’s get to the fun part – the plethora of ways to use it! 



With our selection of unique sizes, our wire shelving can be put in small, otherwise wasted spaces to provide additional storage or work space. You can even add casters to make the unit mobile.



For an inexpensive kitchen refresh, we’ve seen many customers use wire shelving as an alternative to kitchen cabinets. Just add something like hardwood shelf inserts to create a solid top. 



Sick of crawling around to find pots and pans? Attach s-hooks to the wire rungs and hang them to avoid taking up shelf space. 

If you’re running out of room for small appliances, free up your counter and use a unit to store items like microwaves or toaster ovens. 


Don’t forget to look up! Wall-mounted wire shelves allow light to pass through, creating an open and airy look.



Pantries are another great spot for wire shelving, especially if its current shelving isn’t optimizing the space best. 

Go further and use our add-on units to create a right angle, maximizing the area even more. As opposed to wooden shelves, wire is easy to clean in the case of any spills. 




This area can be easily overloaded with jackets, baseball caps, and items to be remembered for the next day. Use our shelving along with storage bins to create concealed storage space.



Keep your doorway free of tripping hazards and add a small unit to keep shoes organized and in one place. 



Often on the smaller side, closets tend to fill up fast. Multiply your space with standard units, closet organization systems, or closet shelving kits. If you need a spot for bags or purses, make a home for them on a few of the shelves.



Or take advantage of wasted space by adding one or two-shelf units between your hanging clothes and the ground. Not enough room on your current shelves? Create more space by adding short units. 



As for shoes, keep that sneaker collection tidy and on display.

The open nature of wire shelving can help you quickly and easily see what’s there when getting ready. And when the seasons change, our adjustable shelving can be configured to accommodate bulkier clothing. 


Laundry Room

Between the detergent, dryer sheets, and spot remover, the (often small) laundry room can benefit from additional storage space. Even the smallest of spots can work. 



Add liners and use the top shelf as a spot-removing station.

Don’t forget the space above your washer and dryer, either! Use wall-mounted wire shelves for easy access to products. 



After that Costco or Sam’s Club run, it’s easy to wind up with a ton of bulk goods. Sturdy wire shelving is the perfect option to hold items while you work through them. 

Wine collection growing? Use wire shelving with shelf dividers to keep your bottles organized. 



This goes from holiday decorations, old VHS tapes, and any other miscellaneous items. With adjustable shelves, the unit can adjust to your changing storage needs.  

For damper basements, we suggest using rust-proof shelving to prevent damage. 



Rust-proof wire shelving is a great addition to bathrooms, holding towels and spare body products. Add wicker baskets to hold smaller hand towels or washcloths. 

If there’s a closet, add shorter shelving to stash extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies. 


Media Room

The regular air flow that wire shelving allows makes it perfect for storing electronic equipment like video game systems, radios, and record players – no need to worry about your devices overheating!

As an added bonus, the spaces between rungs allow cords to run through. 




Desk space hard to come by? Create a combination desk and storage area with a shorter wire shelving unit – just add shelf liners to create a solid surface. 

For paperwork or book storage, use thinner, taller wire shelves that take up less room. Or tuck a corner shelving unit in one spot for quick access to things like notepads or laptop chargers. 



With no chance for dust buildup, wire shelving is the perfect solution for long-term storage. Instead of storing items on the ground, keep them safe while maximizing your space. 

Its durability is ideal for heavier tools and supplies. And the open design means critters won’t be able to make a home in them as easily. 

For especially small garages, use wall-mounted shelving to save floor space. 



If you live in more humid areas, we would suggest using rust-proof wire that will withstand temperature changes and moisture. 


Well, there you have it! Just a few of the many ways to use wire shelving in your home. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at (877)-831-8885. Happy organizing! 

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