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Wire shelving casters make your shelving rack mobile for use in your home, office and in an industry setting. You can use them in your kitchen or basement to easily move your kit for use and for cleaning. The Shelving Store is in the business of making your life easier with storage and organization. You are not just buying a caster; you are buying something that needs to work for you. Below is a simple guide to help you decide what caster is the best fit.

We carry three different kinds of casters: rubber, plastic and polyurethane

  • Rubber casters: The most widely used caster and most versatile which can hold 600lbs – 1000lbs depending on diameter. We carry 3″, 4″ and 5″ rubber casters. These casters roll easier across floors, especially traversing over different surfaces. Our 3″ rubber casters can be a great choice to aid in cleaning by making it easier to move your shelving kits. Weight capacity is for four casters.



  • Plastic casters: The most basic caster simply made from plastic and can only hold 250lbs. These 2″ casters are made for indoor use and are most commonly used on computer chairs and small desks. Also great in the kitchen as they look less “industrial” than the rest. If all you want casters for is to make it easier to move shelves for cleaning than plastic is also a great bet. Weight capacity is for four casters.



  • Polyurethane casters: The caster with the highest weight capacity of 1200lbs is most widely used in a warehouse for transporting heavy-duty materials. We only carry polyurethane casters in an 5″ diameter. The best option when the environment you are working in prohibits all other materials. Health care uses these casters because they are sterile. Weight capacity is for four casters.



*Please be aware that adding casters to your shelving kits may change the weight capacity. Our shelves are rated to withstand 800lbs per shelf and our highest rated caster only holds 1200lbs for a whole shelving kit.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions please contact our customer service personal at 877-831-8885.

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