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What would wire shelving be without accessories? We supply the widest variety of add-ons out there to make your shelving work exactly how you need it to. Here are our 5 Most Popular Wire Shelving Accessories!

1. Accessory Hook

The versatility of this hook makes it one of our best sellers! For anything you need to hang, this helpful hook is up to the challenge. The Chrome metal construction is durable and perfectly matches all chrome wire shelving.

Wire Shelving Hook

Wire Shelving Hook

2. Shelf Liners

We carry the largest selection of wire shelf liners anywhere, so it’s no wonder we sell so many! These colorful (or transparent) liners allow you to store smaller items like books or dvds that may fall through wires. Our brightly colored liners also add flair to your shelving, allowing you to coordinate it with your decor.

Wire Shelf Liner

Wire Shelf Liners

3. Labels

Who knew something so little could make so much of a difference? Labeling your shelves makes it easy to find your stuff (or to put it away). Add labels to your basement storage to quickly find winter clothes and holiday decorations. Angle Vu labels (seen below) allow you to easily read your labels from any angle.

Wire Shelving Labels

Angle Vu Labels

4. Casters

Your stuff is heavy – easily move it around by adding casters to your wire shelving. You can pack stuff in closer in your basement to save space, or create a cart for food, laundry, or gardening. Making your shelf mobile makes just about anything easier – no wonder casters are such a hot product!

Wire Shelving Car Wash Cart

Wire Shelving Car Wash Cart

5. Butcher Block Tops

These hardwood tops turn your wire shelving unit into a gorgeous, functional kitchen island. Add an extra prep space in your kitchen, or place them on a shelving unit for a natural look that won’t fall through wires. Our Butcher Block Tops are the highest quality around, which makes them one of our most popular products.

Wire Shelving Kitchen Island

Wire Shelving Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top

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