Long closet

By now you’ve probably lived enough different places to find that closets come in a variety of different sizes and dimensions. Some are more shallow, some are a little wider, some of them can barely be called “closets”!   If you live in an older house (or in many apartments), you probably have a very […]


organized linen closet

Linen closets tend to be the overlooked middle child of closets when it comes to organization. Not quite as ‘glamorous’ as your regular clothing closets, not as frequently needed as a mudroom or entryway closet where your coats go, but the humble linen closet is still a vital part of any home. Your towels and […]


closet into a mudroom

  Walking into your house always seems to create a bit of a bottleneck, doesn’t it? Everyone’s trying to get their coats and shoes off, and if you don’t have a big enough entryway this can lead to a big crowd of people all wrestling with their backpacks, vying for space.   Even if you […]


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