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Have you ever thought about using storage cubes in your house?

It’s not quite as futuristic or complicated as it sounds, promise. Storage cubes often come in a number of sizes and styles, all of them box-shaped and designed to hold whatever you need organized (so long as it fits, of course).

From bookshelves to photo displays to unintentional cat beds, storage cubes and cubbies can fill a number of storage needs around the house. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to get organized with storage cubes:


Rolling bars/serving carts: A few modular storage cubes right next to each other can become an excellent alternative to serving carts. Use the cubbies to store mixers, liquors, wines, or whatever your drink of choice may be in a safe and easy-to-access fashion. (Bonus points if you add shelving casters to the bottom to keep the shelf mobile!)


Record collection: Since vinyl is all the rage…again, most storage cubes are the perfect size to store record collections. Line a few storage cubes next to each other to stash your records in an easy-to-access way—and the flat surface up top will let you keep your record player right nearby too!


Craft storage: Knitting, sewing, scrapbooking—whatever your craft of choice, you know how easy it is to lose the small pieces you need to get your crafts done. Storage cubes are a great way to provide extra organization of even your smallest needles and glues while providing a bonus hard work surface on top.


Minimalist nightstands: If you’re the kind that wants to avoid cluttering up your bedroom, or you just don’t want anything too ornate, a few storage cubes stacked up on top of each other can easily become the perfect nightstand! Use the flat surface up top to hold onto things like your phone, glasses, and drinking water, and use the rest of the storage for books and anything else you need right in the morning.


Baby changing table: Babies sure need a lot of tools and accessories to get by, don’t they? The next time your baby finds themselves in need of fresh diapers, set up some modular cubes next to each other to hang onto your diapers, wipes, and anything else you need to keep your baby clean and dry.


Dollhouse: When they outgrow the diaper rack, you can easily convert storage cubes into a fun playset for your kids’ toys with a little imagination. Set the cubes up on their sides and add some decorations to the top to turn these cubes into a roomy dollhouse, an ancient castle, or the perfect battleground for action figures!

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