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Whether you’ve got a wire utility basket hanging off a shelf or counter, or an entire rack of wire basket shelves in the basement or garage, baskets can be pretty useful around the home.

While they’re not quite as decorative as wicker baskets, they offer a lot more durability and utility around the house in their ability to store a wider range of stuff. The wire design helps them stand up to rough conditions and carry a heavier weight, and it’s easy to keep them pretty much anywhere.

Here’s a few of our favorite tricks for using wire baskets around the house, and what they can do for you:


Towel storage: In the absence of actual bathroom towel racks, wire baskets can serve as excellent storage for hand towels or washcloths. Keep a basket mounted to the wall or hanging off the side of your sink for easy access to towels when you need them the most.


Scarves, hats, and gloves: By hanging wire baskets off of ladder shelves or keeping them in the entryway, you can create an easy storage option for hats, gloves, and other easily-lost seasonal clothing.


Jewelry display: Take some wall mounting hooks and hang a basket up with the top facing outwards, and then loop your favorite necklaces across the wires on the bottom to create a beautiful hanging necklace display that still allows easy access.


Kitchen supplies: Bigger or awkwardly-sized kitchen goods like cutting boards and longer spoons or spatulas can find a good home in wire baskets. Hang one off the edge of your counter or your shelves and help keep everything a little more in-reach!


Linens: Line the shelves of your closet with a few wire baskets and you can more easily divide your linens and sheets for easy retrieval later!


Seasonal clothing: Similarly, wire baskets are excellent options for long-term storage of things like sweaters, jackets, and other garments that only come out during certain times of year. Neatly fold up anything you need to store away and watch as these baskets make it much easier to get back to them later when the weather takes a turn and they’re needed the most.


Cosmetics: Any small lotions, cosmetics, face washes, and the like can be kept in wire baskets underneath the bathroom sink for easier access (and to make sure you don’t lose your favorite face mask)!


Do you use wire baskets around the house? Let us know how they’ve helped you get organized in the comments below!

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