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To many of us – dare I say, all of us – the idea of cleaning every day sounds absolutely exhausting.

Maybe you don’t know where to start, maybe you’re not sure if you have the time, maybe you plain old don’t have the energy to keep up. All valid reasons, but getting in the habit of cleaning every day might be a little easier than you think!

The trick to cleaning every day is to just take it a bit at a time. Everyday cleaning doesn’t need to be a massive, day-long project like…some other cleaning tasks might become! Instead, by making yourself a schedule and creating a routine to go bit by bit, you can both save yourself a lot of time in the long run, and enjoy the fruits of your labor even faster!

Creating an Every Day Cleaning Routine

The first step when creating a cleaning schedule, is to identify the chores you do most often. Think about the things that get repeated most often through the week, or the stuff you find yourself returning to. Wiping down the kitchen counter, cleaning old food out of the fridge, cleaning up after the kids – focus on the usual day-to-day chores, above the really big once-in-a-while projects.

From there, you should ask what kind of schedule works best for me? Not everyone has it in them to do two hours of deep cleaning every day, so you should come up with a routine that’s comfortable enough for you to stick to. Consider something like:

  • Setting a timer so, no matter what you’re doing, you’re cleaning for the same amount of time every day
  • Daily speed cleaning for an hour in one specific room at a time
  • One major chore a day, like vacuuming, reorganizing the kitchen cabinet, etc

Or whatever works best for you! Go easy on yourself and make sure your new schedule won’t totally exhaust you or anything, but make sure it’s something that will help you stay productive around the house.

From there, you’ll want to set your schedule in a way that makes sense. No matter how short – or long – your list of chores may be, you’ll want to schedule them in a way that makes sense. For example, if part of your routine involves dusting the wall shelving in your living room, why not tackle the rest of your living room furniture at the same time to save effort later? If you make an appointment to clear out your kitchen cabinet organizers, it might be the perfect time to do some other kitchen work on the same day to keep it all moving.

However your schedule winds up looking, the important thing is to remember to make it work for you and your personal needs. Even the smallest daily chores can add up to a much cleaner, happier household!

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