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organize garage pf fasteners

Out of all the small things in the garage that could use a little tidying up, fasteners are one of the chief culprits.

Nuts, bolts, nails, screws, and the like – we all need them, we’re all glad to have them around, but nobody enjoys having to put them away. At best they’re an adventure in organizing tiny parts, at worst…well, we’ve all knocked a box of bolts or two over, right?

Organizing your fasteners can combine a lot of different challenges when it comes to organizing a garage. You have the trickiness of organizing small parts combined with the general clutter of a garage, with items of all sizes potentially getting in the way. With the right plan and a little inspiration, though, it might just be easier than you think!

Nut, Bolt, & Fastener Storage Ideas

The thing to focus on when trying to organize your fasteners is to use storage that they fit in. A lot of us remember seeing our parents & grandparents tossing all their spare fasteners in some huge empty drywall bucket and digging through it when they need it. Not only is this a super-easy way to lose one vital screw or bolt you need for a project, it’s also pretty uncomfortable to have to sift through them all.

Instead, try to find something that can actually fit the fasteners you need to store. A lot of people turn to garage plastic storage bins to organize smaller parts like these, and that’s a perfect idea. Smaller bins will let you separate them by type, size, or whatever organizational method makes the most sense to you.

If you don’t want to use plastic bins, a lot of home storage can be easily repurposed to hold onto fasteners. Kitchen storage like silverware organizers or pantry organizer racks can become fastener storage pretty easily (particularly if you still keep them in the tiny boxes they come in), and can give you an easy way to visually remember what goes where. If you’re the sporting type, unused tackle boxes can be a huge help here too!

Of course, even after the fasteners still have to go somewhere, and this could require a little more organization of your garage. Space permitting, you should designate a specific shelving unit to hold onto the fasteners away from everything else, to avoid any accidental spills or collisions. Consider setting up a few home wire shelving kits or garage shelf kits near your tools to help you access your fasteners, whether you have some furniture to assemble or you just have a few paintings to hang up.

However you go about it, we think you’ll agree that this new way of doing things is much nicer than the old “throw it all in a bucket” technique, right?

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