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coffee bar ideas

Everyone needs their coffee in the morning, right?

We all have our morning routines, most of which include coffee. Sadly, these routines often involve everyone crowding around the same part of the kitchen counter, waiting for some space to free up so we can brew a pot of whatever we need to get us started.

As a result, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking “wow, wouldn’t it be great if I had enough room for my own tiny coffee bar?” but quickly dismissed it due to a lack of space.

Dismiss no longer!

At-Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Make a “caffeine cart”

One of the easiest ways to create a coffee bar at your house is to use a serving cart to hold onto all of your coffee needs. Use the top to store your coffeemaker and your favorite grounds, while keeping the sugar and mugs on the bottom rack – and make sure you can roll it back over to an electrical outlet as needed!

Use shelves

Home wall shelving, when placed strategically throughout a kitchen or living room, can become a great way to organize your coffee supplies. Place these wall shelves on a bare spot of the kitchen wall away from the usual hubbub to help you grind your beans and add your sugar without getting in the way of anyone else who needs to use the kitchen to grab some cereal first thing in the morning.

Stash it in the pantry

Of course, if you’re a more infrequent coffee drinker, a great way to save space in a smaller kitchen would be to keep it off the counter when not in use. Use pantry organizers to hold onto things like sweetener packets and coffee beans, and make sure to put your coffee maker away (with the cord tidied up) to help open up some more space in the kitchen.

Convert your breakfast nook

If your kitchen has a breakfast bar or counter space that you don’t use as often as you expected, this could be a great opportunity to free up some counter space! Use your breakfast nook to organize your coffee supplies in a spot that’s easier to get to, but still doesn’t detract from the amount of space you can use for cooking in the morning.

Re-container the ingredients

Sometimes, even if you don’t have the room to move your coffee machine, you can repackage everything to make them easier to store. Coffee beans and grounds can be kept in their own jars, as can sugar packets or flavor additives to help them stay a little more uniformly sized and easier to put away.

Whatever you decide to do with your home coffee bar, so long as you can keep it out of the way, you should have a much easier time in the morning!

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