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corner shelving

No matter how well organized your home is, there always seems to be some spot that goes unused, doesn’t there?

More often than not, it tends to be corners. Most shelves or storage solutions aren’t designed to go around corners, and even the ones that are (like corner wire shelves or corner wall shelves) aren’t always going to fit in every single room.

The solution? Why not try to make some yourself?

DIY Corner Shelving

The backbone of most corner shelving depends more on placement and design than anything else.

This can be easily accomplished by using two home wall shelves of the correct length and width, placed alongside one another in an L-shape.

Take careful measurements of your corner, and compare them to the measurements of your wall shelves. Ideally, you want one shelf to stop before the corner, and for the next shelf to meet it right at the edge, almost ‘wrapping’ around the corner in an L-shape. (Remember, it needs to connect with the other shelf and fill all the space on the corner, otherwise it isn’t really ‘corner shelving’!)

This allows you to better make use of the space in your corner without having to conform to the premeasured size of a shelf that’s already cut for corners. It might make it easier to hang the leftmost shelf first, to better know where the adjoining shelf will need to be hung.

Hanging them, after the measurements are taken, shouldn’t be too difficult! Unless you’re using floating wall shelves that require special brackets, most wall shelf brackets should be able to support your new corner shelves.

Once everything is hung up, all you need to do now is enjoy your new organization and storage! Keep whatever you like up there – family photos, collectibles, or whatever you needed those shelves for in the first place. These new corner shelves can work great in many different rooms, from the bedroom to the kitchen…or wherever there’s a corner that needs to get organized!

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