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We all need to do laundry, right? And yet not all of us are lucky enough to have space to give over to a standalone laundry room.

A common solution many homes these days have started to look into is the combination mudroom-laundry room! By combining two useful rooms that a lot of homes don’t have the space for individually, you can solve a lot of your storage problems and give your laundry a place to go that won’t get in the way of anything else going on in your home. Read on for a few design ideas:


Combination Mudroom/Laundry Room Design Ideas

The first step is to take a look at your existing mudroom and see how much space you have. Ideally, if you have a mudroom in the back of the house, this could be a more convenient option, but if the back room is too small (or doesn’t exist) you’ll need to look in the entryway instead.

Take care to measure your space and figure out just what you have to work with. This can come in handy if you haven’t actually purchased any washing machines yet – as a lot of mudrooms might not have the room for a washer and dryer, this can help prepare you for the need for clothes hangers or a drying rack later.


From there, once you’ve figured out where it’s going, you’ll need to plan for the sort of things you’ll want to keep in a laundry room and set up the appropriate storage. Things like soap and detergent should be kept on wire shelving to prevent rust and corrosion, as well as avoiding any accidental spills on surfaces that don’t need to be covered in detergent or bleach. Closet rods can be used to create a place to hang anything you need to dry, even if you have space for a dryer (because we all have That Shirt that needs to be hung up, right?) to save room elsewhere in the house.


Of course, since it’s still a mudroom, you don’t want to skimp on the things that might’ve been in there before you made it a laundry room. Make sure to leave room for entryway storage like coat hooks that can keep your mudroom just as functional as it was beforehand, even if you’re using it for laundry as well these days.

Hopefully this new room will make doing laundry easier than it ever was (or at least save you all those trips to the laundromat), while keeping your entryway tidy and usable!

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