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If you’re like most parents out there, you’ve probably found yourself having to help with schoolwork a lot more than usual lately.

As COVID-19 progresses, many students have been sent back to school digitally, through the use of online learning platforms and/or meeting apps. While this is an ideal solution for keeping our students safer, it’s perhaps less-than-ideal for the unprepared bedrooms and dining rooms all over the country that suddenly had to be converted to a homeschool classroom.

Chief among these sudden homeschool conversions was the sudden realization that there’s an awful lot of stuff that comes with going to school. Before, we had the luxury of loading our kids’ backpacks up with stuff before the school year started and then never thinking about it again after it got stuffed into a desk. Now that it’s all at home for our kids to use from the safety of their (or, more likely, your) best laptop, just how are you going to get this homeschooling room organized?


Organization Tips for Homeschooling

  • Figure out what’s most important: Even when done online, learning can take a lot of forms these days. Take some time to talk to your kids and review their curriculum, and see what’s going to be most important as far as learning-supplies go. Do your younger kids need a lot of writing materials and coloring supplies for hands-on activities? Do the older kids need a lot of room for textbooks and study guides above and beyond what’s available online? The best organization plans are the ones that can align to what needs to be organized, not vice versa.
  • Get ready to store a lot of little things: Particularly for younger kids that might need supplies a little closer to their size, you’re going to need storage that can handle a lot of small, easy-to-lose supplies like markers, stickers, erasers, and other hands-on school supplies. For a lot of these, plastic storage containers can be a lifesaver to help keep them organized and out of the way, all while making them a little harder to lose.
  • There will still be books: Despite all the hemming and hawing about how much of a school’s given curriculum is digital and online these days, there’s still going to be a lot of books – and since they can’t all be kept in a locker or backpack anymore, these books have to go As space allows, use a few bookshelves to store these books right nearby where they can be easily found, accessed, and put back away.
  • Don’t forget to write: Similarly, pencils, pens, and paper will still be a necessity for certain assignments or activities, and these can be easy to lose despite your best efforts. Wherever your homeschooling room ends up being (whether they get a desk or just a seat at the dining table), use a few desk organizers to help your kids sort things like pencils and notebooks that they’ll need a few times during the day.
  • Lock it up: Lockers can be just as useful at home as they are at school. If you need a little extra storage space for bigger supplies that don’t have a home elsewhere, or you just want your kids to feel a little more “normal” throughout the school year, setting up some home lockers can be just the thing.


There’s going to be a lot of adjusting you’ll need to do after this, but hopefully this will make things a little less chaotic as the year goes on!

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