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With the onset of spring comes spring cleaning, and with spring cleaning comes everyone’s tried-and-true methods for spring cleaning. Maybe you’ve got a set order you always clean in, maybe you’ve got a collection of cleaning chemicals you always use, maybe you just throw everything out and start over.


Whatever your method, though, there’s always going to be a few snags in the process – snags that can be easily remedied with a little foresight and planning! Below, we have a few of the most common spring cleaning mistakes and pitfalls – and what you can do to avoid them!


Not Planning Ahead

The worst thing you can do, at least in the early planning stages, is to just leap right into spring cleaning without sitting down and making a plan of attack. Plan out what you want to clean, plan out what order you’re going to clean it in (and, sadly, you might want to start with some of the less…convenient rooms) and work your way down the list one by one. This will make sure you don’t leave any accidentally unfinished projects at the end of the whole thing!


Going It Alone

Unless you only have one or two rooms to tackle, spring cleaning is a particularly daunting task for anyone who can’t (or won’t) call in help. Getting the kids and spouse to pitch in even a little bit is going to take a massive workload off your plate and will make the whole thing go by that much faster. And if you don’t have any family that can help out, it might be worth it to pay for a maid/housekeeping service to help lighten your burden.


Not Having The Right Tools

Warriors never go into battle without the right tools, athletes never go into their games without the right equipment, so why should you try cleaning without the correct supplies and equipment? Make sure to stock up before the cleaning starts and try to plan ahead for any need that might arise – Mean Green spray, safe bleach cleaner, sponges, wipes, and so on. If you have big projects that would require larger installations like wire shelving or bookcases try to buy those ahead of time so you don’t have to put any projects on hold while you wait for the needed furniture and supplies.


Trying To Do It All In One Day

While your desire to get things done as fast as humanly possible is strong (and understandable), pacing yourself is much better for your productivity and sanity. If you’re trying to tackle a major overhaul, give yourself time to do it. Tackle it a few hours every weekend until everything is done to your liking. You’ll thank yourself for it once you haven’t wasted an entire day trying (and failing?) to get things done.


Whatever you do, just try to keep these tips in mind and the whole thing should go painlessly! Or…at least less painful? Anyway, good luck with your spring cleaning out there!

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