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“Kitchen workspace” can refer to more than just where you keep your favorite cutting board – your kitchen can actually help you get a lot done!

Maybe you need a spot for a home office, maybe you need to store your favorite cookbooks and reference materials, maybe you just need a place to keep your phone while you’re cooking. Kitchen workspaces can take many forms, and are often the final touch you need to make your kitchen as functional as it can be.


Ideas for Kitchen Workspaces


The Nook

Now, hear us out – unused space in a kitchen is a fairly rare occurrence. But there are cases where a small pantry, kitchen closet, or other nook gets superseded by other, better kitchen storage.

When this happens, that open space can easily become a small office! If it’s big enough to fit a home office desk, slide one in there to create a private little work area for your laptop and a few notebooks. If your space is a little on the smaller side, sturdily-mounted home wall shelves can actually fulfill a very similar need for worksurface – and can give you a little more storage space up top!


The Command Center

In most kitchens, you have a larger chance of finding some open space near a wall or corner, and this space can easily become a workstation for books, computers, or whatever else you need to do while you’re in there.

Smaller desks – or even a repurposed living room end table – can easily become a ‘command center’ for any work you’re doing in the kitchen. Prop up your phone or tablet to scroll through the recipe you’re trying to read, keep some books there when you need them, set your laptop there to try and get things done during the day – and leave it all there when you’re done!


The Under-Cabinet

Of course, if you (somehow) have counter space in your kitchen that isn’t already covered in microwaves and air fryers, then the space under your cabinets could easily become a workspace. Use desk organizers to create storage space, and then use the existing surface of the countertop to get things done.

No matter what size your kitchen, the kitchen desk isn’t quite a thing of the past just yet – you just need to get clever with it!

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