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stuffed animal storage


No matter what else your kids are into, they’ve definitely owned their share of stuffed animals over the years.

Everyone has a favorite bear or some little bunny or something they take everywhere with them, and as the collection grows, you might notice how…difficult to organize they can be.

Stuffed animals take up a lot more space than you might expect, and we’ve all seen how stressful it can be on the little ones if they can’t find their favorite right away.

Starting to sound familiar? Here’s a few of our favorite tips for stuffed animal storage and organization:


Stuffed Animal Organization Tips


Shelves for storage and display

By using floating wall shelves in your kids’ bedroom or playroom, you can accomplish two goals: organizing their stuffed animal collection and creating a fun little way to decorate the room! Have your kids line up a few of the ones they play with most, and watch as the whole room brightens up a little.


Hanging closet storage

Of course, not every stuffed toy needs to be constantly out and displayed. A great way to store the ones your kids aren’t always playing with is to use closet storage. Anything that can hang up, like closet over the door storage, will let your kids access (and put away) their toys easier, and give everyone a home when they’re not being played with.


Bed benches

As we’ve all learned, sometimes the easiest way to put something away is to find something it can sit under. Kids’ bedroom benches are a great solution for this, but if your kids don’t have benches, you can quickly repurpose some entryway benches to give your kids both a place to keep their stuffed friends, and maybe get dressed a little faster in the morning. (One can dream, right?)


Closet boxes

The biggest collections need the biggest solutions, and in a lot of cases, closet space is just the trick. Pick out a few closet storage bins (in your kids’ favorite colors, of course) and set them up inside the kids’ closet to help them stash their friends away. Ideally they’ll be low enough that your kids can get to them easily, but…well, it’s not the first time you’ve taken something off a shelf, right?

Whatever you do, just try to keep your kids involved! If they feel like they’re part of the process, it’ll make them more likely to stay with it and keep everything all nice and put away!

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