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Ah, the old New Year’s Resolution. A common source of jokes for people that don’t make them and a source of worry for the people that do, resolutions can be a good way to start on some goals you’ve been putting off – so long as you don’t take them too seriously!

But above and beyond the more philosophical concerns, we’ve noticed a lot of resolutions tend to revolve around getting the house reorganized. Which we love – even above and beyond the fact that we love seeing people organize their house, we know New Year’s resolutions are a good way to get motivated for some small home project you’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t found the time or energy for. If there’s something you want to do around the house that you need some advice on, or just some inspiration to feel more motivated and get started on 2018 the right way, here’s some quick and easy organization resolutions we’ve got:

Hang up those shelves: A lot of people have that one wall in their house they look at and think “wow, that needs some more shelves to hold all my stuff” but they never actually get around to it for various reasons. Take it from us – hanging wall shelves isn’t nearly as hard as it looks! Pick whatever shelves are going to look best in your house (floating glass shelves, wooden wall shelves, whatever your aesthetic is this year), grab a hammer and some brackets, and spend some time on Youtube – it’s not as hard as you think!

Clean out that closet: How many times have you looked at that sweater and thought “wow, I am never going to wear that again”? And yet, that sweater is probably right there in your closet like always. Why not make a resolution to finally organize that closet and get rid of everything you’re not going to wear? Make a donation pile, hang up some new wire closet shelves to accommodate everything you’re keeping (and everything you’re inevitably going to buy through the year – it’s okay, we understand!), and finally give that closet the sorting it deserves. When Valentine’s Day rolls around and you have a much easier time getting to that special outfit, you’ll be glad you took the time.

Get to the pantries, too: If you’re already in the mood for purging all the junk from last year, your pantries are another great way to declutter yourself. We all have those stacks of canned goods, boxes of pasta, and bottles of dressing we’re never actually going to need (or have already expired) – why not toss those out too? Get some pantry organizers to store what you need to hang onto, and try to promise yourself to not have to make this a resolution in 2019 either.)

Check for safety: We don’t mean getting a burglar alarm installed (although that’s never a bad idea if you can swing it financially), we just mean checking the home for potential safety concerns like gasses and fire hazards. Get testers for things like radon and carbon monoxide, tidy up any electrical cords that could be a potential fire hazard, if you’re expecting any little ones in the house this year try to baby-proof things like electrical outlets and computer rooms. (And as silly as it sounds, don’t forget to clean the lint from the dryer – that’s a much bigger fire hazard than people think!)

Work out a weekly system: You can call this the resolution to end all resolutions, because ideally it’ll cut down on you having to make these sort of ‘housekeeping’ goals next year and focus more on the fun stuff, like finally going to Paris. Make a list of chores to spend a little time on during the week and make yourself stay with it – do some dishes here, some mopping there, a little more laundry after that, and you’d be surprised how fast everything will get back in shape! And this method will prevent you having to waste an entire weekend cleaning up, which we know nobody enjoys.

Got any other big New Year’s resolutions you’re trying to get started on? Drop a line in the comments!

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