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We’ve gone on a lot about entryway organization in the past and how it can help you go through your day: getting ready faster, preventing the misplacement of things like mail and homework, and so on.

The thing about organization, though, is that doesn’t all have to be strictly functional. There’s actually a lot of really fun entryway decoration ideas that you can use in your mudroom or foyer (or whatever you call it) to spruce up the place without detracting from the layout or organization you have in there already.

If you think your entryway could use a little livening up but you don’t want to totally undo all the work you’ve already put into it, here’s a few suggestions we’ve found that should be right at home in any home:


Mirrors!: One of the best ways to open up a space is through the strategic placement of mirrors, and in the entryway they can pull double duty! Entryways are never usually the biggest rooms anyway, so by brightening things up with mirrors (both grown-up and kids mirror sizes) you can give the entryway a bigger feeling than before. And you can put them to work, too: a strategically placed mirror can give you a place to do one last check to make sure your hair is looking good before you hit the road, and by using storage mirrors you can add just that extra bit of organization you need.


Family Photo Wall: Even in this age of Pinterest and Instagram, there’s plenty of people who still love hanging up a photo of the family the old-fashioned way. If you’re the sort with a lot of framed memories and nowhere to put them, the walls of the entryway are a popular spot for all your family memories. Either hang them directly on the wall, or if the frames aren’t mountable you could put up some decorative shelves to show off that picture of the kids meeting Santa for the first time that they’re super embarrassed of now. (Or, you know, any other pictures you’ve got.)


Include Some Seating: Sometimes in the entryway you just need to take a seat: maybe the kids have to get their winter boots on, maybe you’re patiently waiting by the door for someone (or a package from Amazon) to arrive, whatever the reason may be. Setting up a few entryway benches in your front room is just the thing to help the morning rush go a little better and stop you from having to awkwardly lean against the wall while you get your shoes on – you know what we’re talking about.


Get Fun With Your Rugs: Entryways need to have a lot of carpeting, especially these days when snow is everywhere and the temperature is down to the single digits. They don’t all have to be the same boring green AstroTurf, though: take some time to find a cute, winter-proof rug that coordinates with your decor and gives you the sort of protection from the slush and rain that your floor is begging for. Patterns and geometric shapes are back in a big way this year, and cute outdoorsy prints are always a sound choice for an entryway.


Make A Path: A great way to style (and further organize) an entryway is to remember that it has to serve a purpose: to let people into the house! Whatever your taste in decor, try to arrange it as close against the wall as possible to make sure there’s a free, uncluttered way to get into your house. This gives you a chance to arrange your rugs in a welcoming way (or even paint part of the floor to give it a more ‘guided path’ feel) and keep all your tables, benches, and shoe cubbies against the wall where they belong so guests can get into your house more easily – and to prevent traffic jams when it’s time for everyone to leave.

Got any fun entryway decor ideas you’ve tried in your house? Leave a comment below!

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