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It’s not something a lot of us like to consider, but there are a number of homes out there that don’t actually have an entryway.

Whether due to space concerns or design intentions, some homes are built with the door leading straight into a room such as the living room, or anything with a purpose other than serving as the foyer or entryway into your home. While this can be convenient in some ways, and may make travel throughout the whole home easier, it does deprive the home of an important (but underrated) feature—the ability to use entryway storage!

Even if you don’t consciously realize it, the entryway is more often than not a common solution for storing things like shoes and backpacks that you need to be able to quickly grab on your way out of the house. Without an entryway to help stash these things until you need them, what are you going to do?

Glad you asked:


Use the walls: One of the easiest ways to create ‘entryway storage’ when your home doesn’t have the space for an entire entryway is to use the walls wherever you can. Set up some wall shelves strategically around your doorway to hang onto things like hats, gloves, and even car keys to help you grab everything more quickly on your way out of the house in the morning. These can also help organize mail that you bring in as you get home at night.


Hook it up: Similarly, using coat hooks around your doorway can help organize a lot more than just jackets. Coat hooks can hang onto hats, coats, keychains, and even gloves and scarves to help you get ready and out the door faster than if you had to scramble around looking for everything.


Get benched: If your living room or front room has the space, lining the walls near the doorway with entryway benches can help serve a few purposes even if they’re not in an entryway. Use these instead of another couch near the door to help guests sit down, organize shoes, and streamline the process of getting ready in the morning.


Mail call: A lot of the clutter in a standard entryway stems from the piles of mail we all still get these days, and without a proper home it can start to make a mess elsewhere. Find a small end table that fits into whatever room your entryway opens up into, or at least somewhere between your front room and your kitchen, and designate this table as the official mail spot—until you can sort it out and throw away what you don’t need, at least.


Look in the closet: If your front door has a closet nearby, you can use that for specific entryway needs like shoes and jackets. Take everything out of the closet, designate an individual closet shelf or storage bin for everyone’s stuff, and keep everyone in the habit of saving as much space as possible.


Hopefully a few of these tips can help you get your front room organized, even if you don’t have a traditional entryway!

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