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When it comes to bedroom organization, it seems like there’s always the need to think outside the box.

Above and beyond the usual furniture selections, you sometimes need to think a little creatively to help make the most of your space and get everything stored in a convenient fashion.

One of the most common solutions for a lot of storage problems in bedrooms is the use of shelves right above your bed! By hanging up some wall shelves or floating shelves above your bed you can help arrange and store a lot more things in your room, all in a way that takes up much less floor space and isn’t as hard to set up as something like a new dresser.

Here’s a few of our favorite things to store on floating shelves, and what they may be able to do to help your bedroom:


Family photographs: Got a few pictures of mom and dad you want to keep somewhere safe? An embarrassing picture from a recent vacation that’s still funny, but not funny enough to keep in the living room? These are a great call for a shelf above your bed so you always know where they are (and know that they’re safe).


Books: Even with everyone having their own phones and tablets these days, some of us still like to read a little before bed. By setting a shelf low enough to reach, you can store your next few books in the rotation within easy reach while you finish whatever paperback is currently sitting on your nightstand.


Morning necessities: Particularly in rooms that don’t have the space for a nightstand or side table, using a floating shelf above your bed is a great place for you to keep your morning supplies like your phone, glasses, and a glass of water right where you need them.


Kids art projects & toys: Bedroom shelves aren’t just for grown-ups, though. If your kids have the space in their rooms, you could use a shelf mounted above their bed to store things like toys, arts & craft projects, or even needed books for school so you always know how to find them!

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