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For a lot of houses, the kitchen is the heart of it all.

Whether your kitchen pulls double-duty as a kitchen and dining room, or if it’s just where you do your meal preparation, the key to making sure your kitchen works to its full potential is to keep it organized and put-together.

Aside from the usual assortment of shelves and cabinets, an organizational solution more and more people are turning to for their kitchen is a kitchen island. Whether as a portable cart or a permanent fixture in the center of the room, islands have become an increasingly common sight in kitchens all over the place as more people become aware of their usefulness in organizing even the most chaotic of kitchens.

Are you considering a kitchen island but haven’t been totally convinced? Or are you just curious to see what they could do for your kitchen and your home? Check out these five big benefits of kitchen islands, and see what they can do for you:


Additional Storage Space

One of the biggest advantages a kitchen island can give you is more places to put all your stuff, and who doesn’t want that for their kitchen every now and again? Many permanent kitchen islands can be customized with cabinets and drawers below, and a lot of the mobile ones come with additional wire shelves on the bottom as well as racks for dish and utensil storage up top. Whatever it is you need to store, kitchen islands are an easy way to increase the amount of space you have for organization.

Work Surfaces

Kitchen islands can also go a long way towards increasing counter space and offering additional workspace to get things done. By adding a solid top, butcher block top, or shelf liners to your kitchen island, you can quickly add more hard surfaces to get cooking done. No longer will you need to cram your cutting board into the corner by the oven to chop vegetables or set down a hot pan—kitchen islands can give you a lot more elbow (and breathing) room!

Casual Seating

We’ve all had those times in the kitchen where we couldn’t quite have people at the dining room table but needed somewhere for them to sit, and that’s where kitchen islands come in! By providing a bigger focal point for the room itself, you can easily line up some chairs around it to create a more casual sitting area for anyone that dropped by for a drink, or even if you’re just preparing a quick breakfast.

Room for Extra Appliances

We’ve all had that moment where we spotted some fancy new blender or that thing that turns vegetables into pasta noodles (you know what we’re talking about) but you just didn’t have the space for it in your kitchen. Kitchen islands can easily solve that problem by providing more room for appliances without a costly cabinet remodel, not to mention all the new outlets that can be installed on them.


If you got a mobile kitchen island, the upsides to being able to move it around as needed will be apparent right away. Turn your kitchen cart into a new serving cart for cocktails and drinks during parties, or use it to serve appetizers away from the table while dinner finishes up. Or you can use it while you cook, keeping less-vital supplies and appliances out of the way in case you suddenly need to free up some elbow room while finishing that big new roast.


Has a kitchen island totally revamped your kitchen and your home? Drop a comment below!

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