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Whether it’s due to shoddy weather, a power outage, or leaky office roof, working from home isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

Of course, telecommuting comes with its own host of problems: the desire to keep snacking, the fact you’re probably in your pajamas the entire time, and above almost all else, that it’s just so hard to stay productive.

It happens to all of us sometimes, due to the various distractions of home, computer troubles, and the like. While there isn’t much we can do about your need to snack or browse Reddit (we’re just a simple home organization store, after all) we do have a lot of suggestions for organizing your home office and getting things just so in order to make the most of any telecommuting you might have to do.

Let’s stop hitting the snooze button, head into that home office, and get to work:


Make yourself comfortable

We don’t mean by staying in your jammies all day while working (in fact, we’ll get to that in a second), but we do mean you should have a comfortable, accessible workplace. Too many people consider home office furniture to be an afterthought after buying all their living room furniture and bedroom furniture, but in truth it should be an equally high priority if you expect to get any work done – no more threadbare thrift store office chairs for you! Find a comfortable chair and a full-featured home office desk that can comfortably hold everything you need to get work done so you’re not stuck trying to type on a rickety old poker table.

Once you have a desk, declutter it

Much like what you may struggle with in the office, home office clutter can seriously cut into your ability to get things done. Clean your desk regularly, toss out any paperwork you no longer need, take everything to the office that can be kept at the office, and use desk organizers to keep your phones, paperwork, tablets, and writing utensils close at hand in case you need them.

Set up different zones for different work

A lot of offices these days allow different spaces for different types of work; meeting rooms, collaborative lounges, breakrooms, etc. Try to do the same for your house – if you have to take a phone call, step out of your office so you can focus a little better. If you need to research your competitors or do more creative work, why not go into a room with more sunlight or somewhere more comfortable so you can relax and use your imagination? At the very least, try to break up your office itself into different zones using side tables or office carts so you can step away from your desk when you don’t need the computer.

Make sure your home network and computer are up for the task

If you know you’re going to be working from home a lot in your new position, do some quick home IT to make sure your stuff is up to snuff. Test your home network to make sure it can handle the load, make sure your computer can run any needed software, and keep an eye out for potential issues like kids hogging the Wi-Fi or a computer that hasn’t been updated in a year. You’ll thank yourself once you get through an entire workday without a crash or internet outage.

Get dressed

We know, we know, but by getting dressed and ready to face the world, you’ll get yourself into a much better mindset for staying productive and getting work done. Get up at the same time as you normally would, take a shower, get some coffee, and get dressed – or at least dressed to the point where you wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave the house. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact it can have on your focus and mindset.

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