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Finding the motivation to do anything at home has been pretty difficult lately, hasn’t it?

While we all used to talk about the things we’d get done around the house if only we had a bit more time, the effect the pandemic has had on all of us has made it pretty hard to stay focused and look on the bright side long enough to do something other than just lay around and watch TV.

This is all understandable, but if you eventually start to feel yourself getting your energy back and you’re looking for an easy project to start with, we think decluttering might just be the way to go.

Not only can it make you feel a bit more productive, but decluttering can actually lead to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, as it’s been shown in several different studies that reduced visible clutter and visual stimulus can bring down your feelings of restlessness. And, right now, aren’t we all looking for a way to de-stress a little?

You don’t want to go too hard right out of the gate, though, so here’s a few ways to get started with easy decluttering around the house while you’re at home social distancing:


Decluttering Your Home During COVID-19

Start by taking inventory of your shelves: Chances are, you’ve got something on your shelves – food, stuff, or whatever – that you haven’t looked at or used in a while. This is a perfect time for going through your hallway closets, pantries, and the like to see what you can purge. Spoiled food? Out it goes! Clothes you might not wear even after the quarantine is over? See if someone else wants them, throw them out, or put them in a box for donation as soon as you can actually take them somewhere.


Get those shelves ready for what’s next: From there it might be a good time to take steps to make sure they don’t get that messy again going forward. Get some pantry organizers or home wire shelves to help carry the load and make space for anything else you might bring into your house.


Label everything: One of the most common sources of clutter is when your stuff isn’t labeled, or when things don’t have a specific home to go back to. Take some magic markers, masking tape, or shelving labels to carefully mark down whatever you need to reorganize a little bit to make sure everything has a place to go when you’re done. It’ll help you get some of the mess under control, and stop it from getting out of hand next time.


Focus on the rooms you use most: Right now, your focus should be on just getting rid of visible clutter in the areas you spend the most time in. This way you don’t stretch yourself too thin by taking on a ton of projects at once, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor more easily by being able to see your handiwork.


Set a good schedule for tidying: Whatever you’re up to, organization-wise, try to make a routine out of it. Some people like cleaning up right after breakfast, some people like cleaning up right before bed (so long as you’re not waking up anyone else in your house), some people do it on their lunch break while they’re working from home. Either way, make sure to set a routine and stick to it every day – it’ll keep you more productive and help reduce the potential for burnout.


One way or another, once you start cleaning up, you might feel a little more relaxed and productive than you had during quarantine – and you might just feel motivated enough to start on something else!

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