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For most of us right now, the quarantine is still in full swing: grocery stores are hard to get into, supplies are still hard to come by, and everything else is either too closed or limited to be any help.

It can start to feel a little claustrophobic after a while, knowing you can’t just go to the store and easily pick up the things you need without the lines and the masks and the safety requirements. One clever solution that a lot of homes have turned to lately is self-sustainability.

 For most people, hearing that term conjures up images of rugged farm life, or that house out in the woods with the fancy solar panels. You might be surprised to learn, then, that for us city folk self-sustainability is easy enough to achieve even in small measures! Even if all you’re doing is growing your own produce, being able to do something at home that you used to have to leave the house for can actually go a long way during quarantine to keep you and your family safer than normal.

Here’s a few easy ways more families can keep themselves self-sufficient during quarantine:


Start a vegetable garden

Whether indoors or outdoors, vegetable gardens can be a surprisingly fun and rewarding way to make your home more self sustainable, and can really help cut down on your food bill. If you have a plot of dirt outdoors you can turn over to a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables, start with something hardy and simple like tomatoes and see if you can cultivate that green thumb of yours. If you have the space to grow them indoors instead, home wire shelving or rust proof shelving can be easily converted into indoor greenhouse shelving!


Collect rainwater

While this tip probably conjures up images of living alone in some cabin in the woods, re-using rainwater can actually go a long way towards reducing your utility bills and making things easier on the family. Rainwater can be used to water your garden we talked about earlier, washing your car, even providing fresh water to your pets, and can cut down on your utility bills during a time when money might be a greater concern than normal.


Cut down on utility bills

Speaking of money, the pandemic has probably had some kind of impact on your family’s income and earnings. By taking steps around the house to reduce your overall utility costs, you can make an environmental impact and help your house to be more self-sufficient. Even small steps, like turning your water heater down, washing clothes in only cold water, and using natural light whenever possible can go a long way.


Recycle, recycle, recycle

Recycling bins are a great addition to any household, but reusing materials in ways other than donating them back to the recycling plant can help a lot more than you might think. Before you toss something out, see if you can find another use for it, or see where you can safely donate it, so someone else can get some use out of it.


Look at that – your house is already more self-sufficient, and you didn’t even have to climb on the roof to install solar panels! Even after the quarantine ends, you might just find these methods so helpful, you’ll keep that garden growing!

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