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Once thought to be strictly for rustic decoration, wicker storage baskets have actually been seeing a surge in popularity over the last few years.

Whether kept on their own or as part of shelves with wicker baskets, wicker storage baskets offer a surprising degree of versatility and reliability for nearly every room from the living room to the kitchen. This, combined with their stylishness and woodsy, outdoors vibe, have allowed wicker baskets to start popping up in some fairly unexpected (but always helpful and practical) places.

Here’s a few of our favorite uses for home wicker baskets that we’ve seen recently:


Frequently Used Items in the Living Room

Wicker baskets, when placed on a nearby wall shelf or bookcase, can serve as a perfect and convenient spot for things in the living room that you’re always reaching for but can’t quite stop losing. Take a few baskets and shelves and make them your new permanent home for remotes, video game controllers, maybe a spare phone charger, and some current reading materials to make sure they never escape your grasp again!


Convenient Linen Storage

Especially during the winter months when the temperature starts to drop down, it’s always nice to have a quick place you can grab a blanket or two from. Set up some wicker baskets near your couch or under your coffee table to help keep your favorite blankets close at hand when the chill starts to set in.


Larger Kitchen Supplies

A shelf with wicker baskets can be the perfect thing to help store kitchen goods. Either set the shelf up and let it work independently on its own with the baskets, or move the baskets onto a kitchen cart or baker’s rack to help keep things like cooking sheets, mixing bowls, and large utensils organized and away from everything else you need to organize.


Bathroom Towel Storage

If your bathroom isn’t properly set up for a towel rack, a few wicker baskets can help keep your bath towels and washcloths neat and organized. Try to store them far enough away from the shower to avoid accidental moisture or humidity from building up, but keep them close enough to help you grab one whenever you need to dry off.


Kids’ Toys

Wicker can be the perfect material to store kid’s toys. It’s durable enough to keep the contents safe, but soft enough that it doesn’t pose as much of a hazard for unexpected boo-boos as something like metal or plastic might. If your kids have a collection of toys they often reach for – especially ones that you’re sick of seeing on the floor – a few wicker baskets in the playroom might be just the thing.

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