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When there’s a chill in the air and your central heat isn’t quite cutting it, blankets are often the best (and coziest) solution – but what happens when you can’t find your favorite throw?

Whether you’re storing them for the warmer months to come, or just trying to find a way to keep them organized but accessible for when you need to get a little more snuggly, blanket storage can be a tricky thing to perfect. By their very nature blankets tend to be a little bulkier and hard to organize, but you don’t want to stash them away on an overly-high shelf or up in the attic where they’ll be too hard to get to.

If this is starting to sound like something you’ve encountered the last time autumn set in, here’s our five favorite tips for blanket storage around the house:


Use baskets

Baskets, especially ones on the larger side, are a great way to keep your favorite blankets tidy and out of the way without making them totally inaccessible. Set up a few shelves with baskets, standalone wicker baskets, or standalone metal utility baskets in strategic locations (linen closets, the back of the laundry room, the living room near your couch, etc.) to keep your favorite blankets and throws right where you need them!


Standing shelves

Combining both storage and decor, standing shelves allow you to throw your blankets over the side to make them easier to retrieve while adding a splash of decoration and color by keeping them visible over the side of the ladder. Use a-frame bookshelves or leaning shelves up against the wall with blankets half-folded and half draped over each rung to make sure you can still see and enjoy them!


Wine racks

Believe it or not, many blankets (typically smaller ones that are easier to roll up, such as baby blankets or smaller chair throw blankets) can fit in wine racks when properly folded. Roll them up tight and secure them with a length of ribbon, twine, or rubber bands (if able), and tuck them inside your tabletop- or wall-mounted wine racks for easy retrieval!


Over the doors

Similarly, for smaller blankets, a lot of over the door storage can be used for storing tightly-rolled or -folded blankets. This can be especially handy if you have a lot of blankets or linens to keep in the baby’s room or the kid’s room, as it will keep clean ones right at hand without a lot of searching.


Inside your other furniture

Especially for more frequently-used blankets, keeping them in the storage area of furniture you may already be using may come in handy when you need them next. If you have any storage benches, hall chests, or even coffee tables with room to spare, they might be a great place to keep your blankets until the next time you need to snuggle up in front of your next binge-watch!

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