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You don’t need us to describe how surprisingly useful wire shelving can be. Sturdy, reliable, versatile—you’ve heard the speech a million times before from plenty of home organization sources and happy customers. But what you might not be aware of is just how many wire shelf accessories are out there, or what good they can do your home organization plans.

Next time you need something in your home reorganized, take a look at these five popular shelving accessories and see what they can do to help:


Stemware holders: Wire shelf stemware holders are a fantastic way to organize your favorite wine glasses without having to constantly dig them out of the cabinet. These can be easily attached to whatever your favorite wire shelf is anywhere in the kitchen (or on wire wine racks in many cases) to keep your stemware right at hand without risk of loss, breaking, or overall hassle.


Utility baskets: Wherever your shelving is installed, sometimes it needs just a bit more capacity for smaller items than it already offers. This is where wire shelving baskets come in—by hanging these off the bottom of your shelves, you can expand your current storage options and keep smaller or more awkwardly-shaped items safely organized and close at hand, from kitchen supplies to sports equipment.


Butcher blocks: Wire shelving often finds itself in the kitchen thanks to its open construction and rust-proof material—a lot of moisture and temperature changes tend to build up in the kitchen, and wire shelves can really stand up to it. By adding wire shelving butcher blocks to your current shelves, you can increase the amount of solid workspace in your kitchen (which always seems to be in short supply when dinner is on the way) while keeping your shelves right where you need them.


J-hooks: Perfect for items that are better served hung like tools, utensils, or pots & pans, wire shelving j hooks add extra vertical storage space to your shelves to help free up wall space elsewhere, and they’re easier to install than you might think.


Shelf ledges: Finally, for wire shelves that have to store items that are a bit more delicate or prone to breakage, wire shelf ledges are a great way to keep your items safer than ever before. By providing a barricade at the edge of every shelf, you can better prevent spills and keep your breakable items right where they should be—not smashed on the floor.


Have wire shelving accessories helped your home organization recently? Drop a comment below!

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