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Never quite feels like there’s enough room in some rooms, right? You try to organize as best you can, but when it comes to floor space there’s only so many square feet to go around and it gets a little overwhelming sometimes. There’s an easy solution for this, however, and it’s one that goes overlooked by a surprising number of people: wall shelves!

The walls in your home are a frequently untapped source of additional storage space in any given room, and can solve a lot of your organizational headaches. Specifically, wall mounted wire shelving is one of the most durable and versatile options for wall shelving in rooms of any size, and can come in handy all over the house. We’ve picked out three rooms where we’ve seen many of our clients using wall-mounted wire shelves, and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your next organization project:


The Laundry Room

Think about your poor laundry room. Soap and detergents everywhere, unused boxes of dryer sheets that are starting to lose their smell, half-filled hampers as far as the eyes can see.

Wall wire shelves are a great way to solve most of these problems, and in a more durable way than before. Hang a few wire shelves right up over your washer and dryer to help hang onto needed supplies like soaps, detergents, wrinkle releaser sprays, and extra hangers to keep your laundry room a little less cluttered than before. Better yet, the design of wire shelves will stand up to spills and collected moisture better than many other shelves thanks to their rust-resistant chrome coating.

Keep your needed cleaning supplies up and out of the way, divide them up using plastic storage bins, and hang some hooks from the bottom of your shelves to provide an extra rack for drying, and you’ll find many of your laundry room headaches done and gone.


The Bathroom

In a similar vein, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to get kept in the bathroom. Your favorite custom-blended shampoo? Extra soaps? Facial exfoliant? You might not need all that stuff every time you’re in the shower but you’re darn sure you need a home for it, and that’s where wire shelves come on. Mount one next to the shower to keep extra cleaning supplies close at hand so you’re never caught without your charcoal scrub once already in the shower.

Or, if you’re looking to keep…other necessities nearby, you can mount them over the toilet to hold things like paper towels and toilet paper right where you need them most, or you can mount one inside the closet door to help hang onto towels and bathrobes.

Wire shelves are a great way to both add storage space and to help keep your bathroom feeling more “open” than usual by improving the look of the room and breaking up the walls a little bit. (Not literally, of course.)


The Garage

Finally, we know you have a lot of garage storage options out there, but wall mounted wire shelves can be a durable and economic option, perfect for even the most cluttered garage or shed.

The durable construction of wire means you can store even heavier tools and supplies on them without fear of damage, the rust-resistant material means they can handle temperature changes if your garage isn’t the heated kind, and the open design means mice, ants, or other pests won’t be able to make a home in them as easily so you don’t have to be as worried about unwanted critters from the neighborhood. If your garage is more temperature-controlled, you can also use wall mounted wire shelves to be an ersatz pantry to store dry goods or anything that doesn’t yet need to be refrigerated.

Have you used wall mounted wire shelves in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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