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As the weather turns warmer, many of the more green-thumbed among us have one thing on their mind: outdoor plants!

There’s a lot of plants out there who work best in a warmer climate, so the gentle rays of spring and summer provide the perfect opportunity to keep them outside where they will grow and flourish.

Problem is, there’s only so much porch you can use for these plants before it starts looking like the indoor butterfly exhibit at the zoo out there.

If you’ve got a front porch, back porch, or patio that’s about to become home for some of your potted friends, here’s a few of our favorite ways to organize and display them!


Organizing & Displaying Potted Plants on Your Porch

Hang it up

One of the fastest ways to free up a little room on your porch for other potted plants (or anything else) is to use the walls! Many home wall hooks can be hung up outside as well (depending on what the walls of your home/porch are made of), and can prove to be the perfect way to fit more plants outside without cluttering up the floor or table.

Many popular house plants, such as tassel ferns and philodendrons, actually tend to do a little better when hung up, as they can get more sun and grow more evenly. If any of your plants are an ideal candidate for hanging up, this trick can both save you space and keep your plants healthier!


Create window displays!

Similarly, if your plants don’t need to be hung but you still have some space to save, windowsills can be the perfect solution! If you want to go the DIY route, hang some home wooden wall shelves right under your windows, and line them with some of your smallest and/or most colorful plants to create a fun display you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors.


Extra table space

Of course, some plants need to be grown the old-fashioned way, in a sturdy pot safely on a table. While creating a centerpiece on your main porch table can add a splash of color, you also don’t need it taking away from your table space for keeping drinks or anything!

Instead, get a few small accent tables and strategically place them around the porch. Try to find areas where you can still see the plants, but they’re not getting in the way of things like ‘walking safely to the door’.


Keep it mobile

A lot of plants need to get moved through the day – maybe they need to maximize their sunlight exposure, or they need to be brought back under the roof in case it rains. In those cases, you might consider using a home bar cart to store some of your plants that might need to stay mobile! This creates a cute, more rustic display solution that can be more convenient in case your plants need to get relocated.


Line the stairs

Finally, if your porch has stairs leading up to it, those are a great way to show off some potted plants without crowding the door or the tables. This is a great way to make a home for taller or more colorful plants that might be a bit more eye-catching, as well as a great way to free up some floor space if you don’t know where else to put your larger plants!

Whatever you do with your plants, just make sure you can still see them and enjoy them for all they’re worth – otherwise, what’s the point of growing plants?

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