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No matter how much you love your kids, there’s always the…occasional unexpected challenge that comes along with them, isn’t there?

Even above and beyond the usual struggles (like “getting everyone to school on time”), every day seems to bring some new thing that you weren’t quite prepared for. These things are often of a more mundane nature…like doing laundry!

Any family with a few kids (or…more than a few, depending) has quickly learned the struggle of organizing all that laundry. Sure, it’s one thing to get it all into the washer at once, but keeping it neat until it’s ready to be put away is another issue entirely.

Starting to sound familiar? Here’s a few of our favorite laundry trips for big families!


Organizing Laundry for Big Families

Don’t worry about separating loads of laundry

This sounds like it might fly in the face of the sort of laundry advice your parents gave you, but it’s true. Unless you have a lot of whites (and, let’s face it, kids probably don’t need a lot of white clothing due to how messy it can get), most clothes can be washed together. Particularly if your kids have individual laundry hampers, throwing everything in one big load can actually save you a ton of time, and reduce a lot of headache! (Making a schedule for this can help a lot too – most families say doing laundry once a week is the way to go for similar reasons!)


Sort it out in the laundry room first

Now, once everything is washed (which is the whole point of doing laundry, right?), it could help a lot to sort everything out before it needs to go back to your kids’ rooms. Using whatever table space you have in your laundry room, separate everything you’ve washed by which kid it goes to, and make sure none of the piles accidentally mingle back together.


Let it dry

So now you have a few piles of kids’ clothes – what are you supposed to do with it? A good trick to save yourself a little headache is to let it dry out in the laundry room, preventing it from taking up space elsewhere. Set up some closet hanging rods to hang longer pieces, or just organize everything on basement wire shelving to help it all air out. Drying it down here will make it easier to put away, and prevent it from taking up room somewhere else in the house.


Give everyone their own spot for keeping their clothes

Easier said than done, in many cases, but letting kids make their own home for their clothes will help keep everything organized, and make it a little easier for them to put away. Help your kids design an organizing plan for their bedroom dressers or closet shelving kits to find a home for things like shirts and socks, and then let them “help” you put it all away. This will make them feel a little more involved, and might inspire them to try and keep it a little cleaner on their own!


Don’t wash what isn’t dirty

Finally, a great way to avoid laundry clutter for big families is to be a little choosier about what goes in the wash. Especially for younger kids, things like jeans can go a few wears between washes, and even shirts can go for another day so long as nothing really messy happened to them. Don’t hesitate to be a little looser with your washing policies to avoid big, confusing loads all the time!

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