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You’re probably just as surprised as we are to hear it, but the truth is inescapable: 2020 is almost upon us!

One of the most fun parts of predicting the new year is trying to identify the trends we’re going to see, and here at The Shelving Store we think we’re a little better qualified to pick home storage and decorating trends than we might be at predicting if sideburns will come back or not. (Heck, did they ever truly go away?)

Out of all the rooms in your home that tend to change with the times, the kitchen may be one of the more surprising. Sure, couches tend to look a little different year-to-year, and that solid wood-paneled bedroom you loved in the 80s might not exactly be the look anymore, but we tend to think of kitchens as a bit more traditional and evergreen when that’s not exactly the case.

Kitchens are prone to changing styles and design fads just like any other room of the house, and due to the largely practical nature of everything in the kitchen, these design trends can affect your storage capacity and ability to organize everything when you’re in search of that perfect kitchen style.

Since having a nice, modern kitchen shouldn’t mean abandoning your ability to store groceries, here’s a few of our favorite kitchen design ideas for 2020 that won’t cramp your storage capacity:


Pops of color: A lot of interior designers say the all-white kitchen is starting to become a bit passé, and your storage is the perfect way to add splashes of color here and there without having to totally repaint or renovate everything. Replace some of your shelves with green wire shelving or black wire shelving to create an offset color palette in your kitchen, and use colored wire shelf liners to add little pops of color here and there inside your cabinets.


Floor-to-ceiling storage: Instead of the traditional wraparound counters with higher cabinets, many new kitchens are choosing to prioritize the installation of one large wall of cabinets to help better store everything. This requires a bit more usage of something like kitchen islands to provide mobile counter space, but the streamlined architecture and increased storage capacity have been a hit in many modern homes.


Visibility: Glass doors and open cabinets are a trend that tends to come and go in kitchens, but a lot of people are predicting a resurgence in open designs for 2020. Thanks to the rise in popularity of decluttered and streamlined room designs, a lot of kitchens will focus on being able to see what you’re keeping in there and help you figure out what you can get rid of. Keep an eye out for things like glass cabinet doors and open wall shelving to create a more open-feeling space.


Minimal Hardware: On the flipside of having greater visibility, a lot of kitchens are looking to do away with obvious, visible hardware. Instead of having giant pull handles on all of the drawers or visible hinges, many kitchens these days opt for low-profile mounting brackets or floating shelves alongside slimmer handles and more subtle cabinet openers. The idea is to create a more streamlined look throughout the entire kitchen with fewer obstructions along the way.


Of course, these are all just our humble opinions – and the important thing is, you should make sure you’re happy with how your kitchen both looks and works!

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