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One of the toughest parts of organizing a kitchen is trying to figure out where everything should go – or worse yet, forgetting where you put something!

Not being sure which cabinet to look in or what shelf you’re keeping that last ingredient for a recipe can be a frustrating experience for everyone. While everyone has their own secret tricks for getting their kitchen shelves under control, we’ve got an idea we think is pretty fun: color-coding!


By using colored shelf liners on your kitchen shelves, you can help set up a perfect system for keeping your stuff safely in cabinets or on your shelves. Even above and beyond all the other little tricks like storing everything label-out and using name tags on your plastic bins, color-coding each of your shelves can help you better find everything at a glance, and may help you better remember what goes where in the long term.

It’s a similar process to ‘zoning’, an idea where you set up specific areas for everything in your pantry and stick to them. Each color should represent an item or a group of items, and each of them should be placed from the bottom to the top of the shelf according to how often you use them and how much of it you have.


For example, you could set it up like:

  • Bottom Shelf – Blue Liner: Bulk goods in larger containers or in bigger quantities
  • Middle Shelf – Red Liner: Pastas and dry goods like flour
  • Second Shelf – Orange Liner: Canned goods, cooking ingredients


And so on! The point is to try to find a system that works best for you, and to get your pantries and shelves under control. We just think color-coded shelves are a more visually appealing way than writing all over a bunch of masking tape like we’ve all done before. Try it out and see if it helps your pantries get better organized!

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