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Getting organized is always kind of a project, and it can be tough to know where – or even when – to start.

Home organization tends to be one of those things that people always promise themselves they’ll get to one day, just as soon as…they have the right supplies, they have the time, they complete the other five things they want to do around the house, so on and so forth.

And while we’re big believers in the idea that projects are best when they happen on their own time, getting organized can have a lot more benefits than simply cleaning your house up.

Staying well organized can save time, keep you more productive, and even help you stay in a better mood (no, really!). And while there’s plenty of examples of the benefits of staying organized, sometimes it helps to see them in a more…real world application, to know how it can actually help you.

Presented here are four common problems that the chronically-unorganized can tend to run into – and why a good organization can help out!


Signs You Should Get Organized


Losing stuff

One of the most obvious signs of disorganization is if you find yourself constantly losing things.

Big or small, misplaced things can really put a damper on your day, especially if it keeps happening. If you find yourself always wondering what happened to your wallet, your phone, your car keys, or your favorite earbuds, it might be time to create a plan to stop it.

One way to keep from losing stuff is to create a ‘landing pad’ and get in the habit of using it. Get some entryway storage and start training yourself to leave your stuff in the same place every day, so you never waste time trying to find your wallet again.


Hard time sticking to a routine

If your daily routine constantly finds itself in upheaval, it may be due to you having a hard time keeping things where you need it to be.

Whether you work from home or just have tasks you need to hit through the day, making a plan to keep everything you need right at hand can solve a lot of problems. Set up a desk organizer or a bookshelf to store any work-related materials you need to reach for through the day, and you’ll find yourself being able to stay on task and be productive a lot easier.


You forget what you own

Do you find yourself accidentally double-buying things? You suddenly find yourself owning two very similar dresses, or you bought the same hat twice because you hadn’t seen your first one in forever, or you wound up with a whole box of guitar straps because you kept losing, buying, and re-finding them again later.

If this sounds familiar, take a look at the few places you tend to find yourself re-buying and start to tidy it up. For example, if you wind up with a lot of wardrobe duplicates, try to set up some closet storage to make your current wardrobe easier to find – and to see – and get a better idea of what you already have.


You feel constantly distracted

If your attention at home feels like it’s constantly being pulled in several directions, the explanation could be simple – too much stuff!

Experts have long discussed how too much visual clutter, especially in areas where you spend the majority of your time (like the living room or your home office), can start to have an impact on your anxiety and your attention span. Accordingly, focus on the areas where you spend the most time and start paring down the stuff in there – get rid of anything you haven’t used in a while, or stuff you don’t need to get your daily chores done, and see how much easier it is for you to pay attention to the task at hand.

If any of these sound familiar, it might just be time to get a little more organized at home!

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