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So we’re a little more than a year out from the pandemic, and a lot of things still feel kind of…up-in-the-air.

Some of us are back at work, some of us still work from home, some of us never stopped being at work, and whatever your situation is or was, there’s a lot we’ve all learned from the past 12-14 months.

A big part of this was how well we work under odd circumstances. A lot of us found ourselves suddenly scrambling to create a home office during the pandemic, to varying degrees of success. Whether you had an entire room to give over to a home office, or you just wound up sitting at your kitchen table with your company-provided laptop, creating a home office was an adventure many of us shared over the past year.

Even after you were able to create your home office (to some degree of success, we would hope), you’ve probably been working in there for a while, and you may not be sure when you’re due back at the office.

Why not consider decluttering it sometime soon?


Home Office Decluttering Tips

Decluttering your home office doesn’t need to be nearly as big of a project as it was to set it up. All it takes is a little patience, some imagination, and a willingness to get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore!


Take a look at what you’ve used – and what you haven’t

Let’s start here. Over the past year-and-change of working from home, you’ve probably found yourself with a lot of stuff you assumed you would need, or at least assumed you would need more often than you turned out to. Extra headsets, a slightly nicer mouse, some notebooks you haven’t cracked into yet – whatever it is, now is the time to take stock of everything you have sitting around and seeing how important it is. If it’s something you don’t use a ton but still need for work purposes – that webcam, for example – then it might be worth finding a better home for it. Otherwise, get ready to donate it, give it to the kids, or just throw it away.


See if you can find everything you need

A great way to figure out if you need to declutter is to see how quickly you can locate the stuff you need to get your job done. Do you still deal with a lot of physical paperwork? Does your software require a physical authentication device, like a one-time code generator or a USB drive? And, if so, can you easily find it all?

This is where home office storage can come in. Even if you have a lot of supplies you can’t get rid of, using desk organizers or bookshelves to put everything away and avoid making a big mess on your desk can solve a lot of your problems going forward.


Use the rest of the room

A big step for decluttering your workspace and avoiding a lot of stuff piling up is to see what other storage options you have in the room you’re working in. A lot of home offices start off as something else – a dining room nook, a kid’s bedroom, and the like. As a result, you could easily use the rest of the space to stop things from just piling up on your desk and still give you access to the work supplies you need.

Take, for example, the closet. If your home office has a closet of any size, you could use home storage bins to organize things like reference materials and laptop chargers. Home wall shelves could be used on either side of your desk to organize things that you find yourself grabbing for more often, and to help keep your desk itself pretty clutter-free.

Whatever you wind up doing, however long you’re going to be working from home, you might just find that tidying up a bit does a world of good for your productivity.

(And who knows, maybe it’ll stay clean even after you return to the office!)

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