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It’s almost funny to think about, having to find storage for your food storage, but it’s an issue nearly every kitchen will face down the line.

Think about the last time you opened that one kitchen cabinet. You know the one, all jammed up with Tupperware and Rubbermaid containers from years of collecting leftovers from family dinners (or doling them out yourselves), the one where every time you open the door they spill everywhere and you’re not sure which lid goes with which container anymore. As you curse the Kitchen Heavens and scramble about putting plastic bowls away, you grouse about how there has to be a better way than this.

Lucky for you, there is – and a few of them, in fact! If you need some storage tips for your various food storage options, here’s a few of our favorites:


Keep ‘em separated: We know the idea of losing the lid to your favorite Tupperware can be stressful, especially when you need to make sure you have enough dishes to store all that leftover stuffing after dinner. Usually this means you’ll try to keep each lid with each container, or at least inside the same cabinet, but in many kitchens it can actually help you keep better organized and less cluttered by storing the containers and lids away from each other. Use a lid organizer to hold onto the tops, and then stack the actual containers neatly on top of one another to take up less space and help you find everything faster.


Stack it up: Instead of letting your containers take up space inside your cabinet, a lot of kitchens have been turning to cabinet organizers. Multi-tiered cabinet organizers can help you stack your containers vertically, as well as helping you keep containers and lids separate to help them stay tidier and more organized.


Get an even bigger container: If your kitchen would be better served by keeping everything underneath in a drawer or cabinet, there’s still tricks to help give them a better home and let them take up less space. For example, you could find an even larger food container or plastic storage bin and line them all up inside. This will help cut down on clutter and make everything much easier to find!


Door storage: One of the more clever ways we’ve seen to store food containers is to get some storage for the back of a cabinet door. Get an over the door storage rack, or if you’re the adventurous DIY type, you can even hang a magazine rack on the back of your cabinet door to give them a home and free up some space!


Hopefully with these tips and a little imagination, you won’t be scrambling around trying to dig out the right lid for the right container when you try to send your leftover chili home with the kids.

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