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Whatever your hobbies, whatever you do for a living, or whatever you find yourself needing to do around the house, doesn’t it always feel like you’re running out of space too fast?

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a good hard surface to work on, and even if you do have one, it can be inconvenient trying to move it around to right where you need it to be. If all of this is sounding a little familiar, we might have the solution you need – utility cart workbenches!

By adapting a wire utility cart or kitchen cart to the needs of your hobby or skill, you can make a portable workbench that can hold onto your tools and supplies and can roll anywhere in the house you need it to. Best of all, you don’t have to be a die-hard DIY-er with years of woodworking experience to make one!


The first thing to focus on is having a good, solid work surface. Many home carts have solid tops already, but if not, you may want to cut down some wood to fit, or add a butcher block top if you’re not the woodworking sort. ‘Lighter’ hobbies such as craft tables can probably get by with plastic shelf liners but you’ll want to make sure you’re not doing anything on them that could puncture, burn, or otherwise damage the liner.


From there, storage is going to be a big concern. Most utility carts can work with wire shelf accessories to increase storage space. Got a lot of tools? Hang some j-hooks (or even a coat rack) from the top of the cart to create hanging tool racks. Document holders can be used to hang onto books, printed out project plans, or pattern books if you’re using your workbench for craftier purposes. Heck, you could even use shelf dividers to create a ‘barrier’ around the outside of the cart to make sure nothing falls off.


All you need to do after that is get everything organized in a way that works for you! For convenience sake you could use the storage shelves down below to store smaller but necessary supplies such as nails, sewing needles, and the like, without having to make an extra trip back to the garage or the craft room. Remember to try and set up a system – you’ll probably have a few tiers of shelves to work with, so get in the habit of putting everything away in the same place at the same time, every time, to help you find it more quickly later.


Once your new cart is assembled, you’ll find yourself having a much easier time getting projects done around the house than ever before. Who knows, you might even have so much fun you’ll take on a little extra work around the house, right?


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