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Console tables, also referred to as sofa tables, are a versatile table that can fill a surprising amount of needs around your home.

Similar in design to end tables, console tables are low-profile and classically-designed tables that offer both storage and decoration, perfect for areas that need something more classy than the usual basement shelves while still giving you an extra place to set your drinks and favorite books.

If this is starting to sound like a good idea for a few spaces in your home, here are some ideas we’ve found for using console tables all over your house:


Entryway storage

If your entryway, mudroom, or foyer needs a little extra room to work but you’re too cramped for normal entryway storage options, console tables can be the perfect solution. Small enough to fit in most areas while still giving you a solid surface to keep mail and car keys on, console tables are a great way to make your entryway even more inviting when you get back home.


Mixer, cocktail, and drink storage

If you fancy a drink every now and then but don’t have a good place to keep your mixers, console tables are a great choice. Stash one in the kitchen or the dining room, lay down some shelf liners to prevent spills and use lacquered boxes or countertop wine racks to keep your bottles together. The next time you’re entertaining company, it’ll be that much easier to fix everyone a drink!


Bedroom vanity

You’ve probably already got a lot of stuff in your bedroom, but a console table doesn’t take up a lot of space and can help streamline your morning routine. Set up a mirror and keep your favorite makeup, deodorant, and perfume right nearby to help get ready in the morning even faster.


TV stand

Finally, in the living room, we know space can be at a premium with all the other furniture you have to deal with. As thin and light as TV’s are these days, console tables can provide a perfect replacement for a bulky entertainment center for smaller living rooms or even guest rooms. Console tables are naturally more narrow and can help provide a base for a longer TV such as found in most homes these days.


Do you use a console table in your home? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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