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Expensive pieces, family heirlooms, daily-wear earrings—whatever your taste or style, you may have a collection of jewelry at home.

Of course, anyone who owns jewelry knows exactly how hard it can be to store and organize. Necklaces can get tangled, cufflinks can vanish, watches can get scuffed by laying face-down, and it can become a bigger hassle than it should be after a while.

If this is all starting to ring a few unwelcome bells in your memory, maybe it’s time you got some advice on how to organize your jewelry and keep it right where you need it!


Divide and conquer: The first step, of course, is to separate everything by type. It’s just going to make a bigger mess if you throw everything into one box without thinking about it, so make sure to take the time and detangle everything before it goes back.


Label your box or storage: Whether you’re using jewelry storage boxes, ring holders, or a wall-mounted solution, now would be a good time to designate a home for everything before you get too far into the process. Give necklaces the longest box, let earrings and cufflinks wind up in the smallest areas to prevent loss, and don’t be afraid to label them using a label printer (or a steady hand) to make the process easier.


Keep everything visible: Some tiered jewelry boxes offer built-in cover by letting each layer slide over the next one, but in other cases you may need to store it in a drawer to prevent loss or damage. In these cases, you’ll want to carefully place everything so that it stays visible and remains in place even when not in use. Face everything upright (or carefully place it on its side in the case of rings and similarly-shaped accessories) so you can reach it faster, and get in the habit of putting it back just like you found it.


Don’t be afraid to hang out: If you’re hard-pressed for space for long jewelry like necklaces, you may need to resort to wall hooks. Hanging hooks on your bedroom wall, behind your closet door, or even repurposing coat hooks can be good ways to let your necklaces stretch out and prevent tangles.


Ask yourself—how often do I wear this?: We’re not saying you need to totally purge your jewelry collection (unless it’s really out of hand) since some more expensive pieces aren’t likely to get worn as often, but it might be a good idea to reorganize some of it. Put your more frequently-worn pieces right up front so you can get to them more easily, and move everything else somewhere safer (and out of the way).

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