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This time of year it’s easy for the winter blues to set in.

Even if you live in a state without a lot of (or any) snowfall, the changing temperatures and lack of sunlight can start getting to anyone. A number of different people will suggest a number of different solutions to this dilemma, including fancy lamps and expensive vacations, but we’ve got one we think everyone can get behind: hygge!

Pronounced like “ho-gah”, it’s a Danish concept revolving around creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good times even if the weather outside is frightful.

And luckily, it doesn’t take much to get your home in the hygge spirit, and you can probably do it with stuff you already have! If this is sounding like a good idea, here’s a few easy ways to get into the hygge spirit:


Add spots for coziness throughout your home

One of the fastest ways to get in the hygge mood is to make sure you can be comfy in your home, wherever you are. What makes you feel most at ease when you’re relaxing in your house? Comfy clothes, a favorite scented candle, piles of blankets? Make sure all of these things are easily within reach in any room you spend time in and you’ll have a much easier time getting cozy. Stock your end tables with extra blankets, keep your favorite books, smells, and candles on your coffee table, and don’t be afraid to rearrange your closet or dresser a little bit to help keep your pajamas and sweaters easier to reach.


Organize and tidy up

We’re not saying you need to do a whole house deep clean—breaking your back would be against hygge, after all! But a lot of studies have shown that not having a lot of visible clutter can help promote feelings of calm and well-being. Take a little time during the winter to purge the rooms you spend the most time in, like the bedroom and the living room, of all the extra stuff that’s built up over the years that you don’t really need. Throw out or donate what you really have no further use for and keep everything else out of sight in the basement or attic until you’re ready to figure out where it goes. You might find yourself a little more relaxed (or even sleeping easier).


Decorate your spaces

Now this might go a bit against the last tip, but if you’re careful about striking a balance between clutter and decoration, you might find that making your spaces feel a little more ‘lived in’ and cozy. Look around at the places you spend time, like your office desk, the wall shelves in the den, or the kitchen, and decorate them with a few small things that help you remember the good times. Photos of friends and family, a souvenir from a favorite trip, or even just a cute knick knack you found along the way. Anything that can help you stay focused and realize that the dreary weather is only temporary.


Don’t overdo it

Finally, while decorating and stocking up may be fun, don’t go overboard. There’s a saying that’s always helpful to keep in mind from William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Don’t run around spending a fortune on new blankets and candles for every room or you may wind up more stressed out and cluttered than you were when you started—and by then, what’s the point?


If you have any hygge tips for keeping your home cozy and fighting off the winter blahs, drop a comment below!

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