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It’s strange to think how tastes in decor and design can vary from year to year, isn’t it?

What was once a bold new choice in living room furniture can easily become “that weird orange thing Grandma used to love that nobody can throw out”, and sometimes it feels like it can be hard to keep up with the times.

Some trends, a little more subdued and timeless, may actually prove a little more useful around the house in the long-term. Here’s a couple trends for 2019 that we’re excited about and we think you will be too:


Hidden kitchens

Not hidden in the sense that you have to play some weird escape room game to find it, but hidden more in the sense that the storage being used is a little more subtle. Instead of keeping everything out on display at all times, the modern kitchen encourages tall walls with a lot of low-profile wall shelves for storage that isn’t quite as clunky as giant cabinets were, as well as mobile kitchen carts that can be moved around to help serve and organize as needed. The idea is to make it feel less “overstuffed” while still giving you room to work.


Light tables & shelves

Similarly, a lot more homes these days are moving on from the well-loved “rustic” look of recent years into something a little more modern and low-profile. A lot of families have been moving onto smaller coffee tables, often made of plastic, glass, or Lucite, and have been doing the same with glass wall shelves to help give their spaces a lower profile and a more retro-modern look.


Sustainable materials

Of course, if you’re still in love with the classic feel of wood, many wooden wall shelves and other types of cabinetry found in homes these days have been turning to low-impact sustainable materials to ensure environmental stability. A lot of shelves are being made from reclaimed wood from buildings or other shelving projects, and are being built with longevity and environmental friendliness in mind. That’s a feeling we can all get behind.


Increased vertical storage

The modern realities of housing mean that more people are in small spaces than ever before, and have had to get a little more clever about how they store and organize around the house. In many cases they’ve used vertical storage to line their walls with whatever they need instead of taking up valuable floor space. Keeping similar items close together is a safe call in this case to organize everything better. You can also apply this trick to dresser drawers as well—by stacking items standing up instead of laying down, you can get more space out of your drawers and store more in there.

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