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The new year is just around the corner! January is Get Organized month which is dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of getting organized. It is the perfect month to get organized and start your new year off right. January became GO Month because getting organized is one of the top New Year’s resolutions.

One purpose of GO Month is to help those who have Chronic Disorganization, which can be caused by neurologically-based conditions, but most of us can just use GO month as a great time to get organized. Being disorganized is not a hopeless situation since organization is a skill that can be obtained with practice. From Piles to Smiles, a Professional Organizing Service, says to figure out the causes of your disorganization then take the steps to improve it. Most causes are:

  • Not having a place for something
  • Inconvenient storage areas
  • Having more items than storage space

The National Association of Professional Organizers gives four tips to organize your home:

  • Organize the Children’s Place by having bins and boxes on lower shelves so they can be reached. Providing low hooks to hang jackets and book bags will also help with clutter.
  • Make the garage work for you by deciding how you want to use the space, getting rid of things that do not work, and considering floor-to-ceiling possibilities for shelving and racks.
  • Love your closets. Pull out everything you do not wear, decide what you want available and what you want in storage, choose good lighting, and hang items together.
  • Customize your kitchen by storing things that work together in the same area, using draw dividers, placing glasses near the sink or refrigerator, and putting snacks in a convenient drawer or cupboard.

Do not wait any longer to organize your life. GO Month is the perfect time to start a new you. Create storage spaces in your home and office now and and start the new year organized.

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