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Searching for an outfit every morning should be a breeze, not a constant struggle with your messy closet. Organizing your closet is necessary in order to simplify your morning routine and clear your room of the mess that is supposed to act as your clothing storage space.

To start organizing your closet, remove all items so you can see exactly what you have. Remove items that do not belong and get rid of clothes that you have not worn within a year. Donate these clothing items to organizations such as Goodwill Industries or the Salvation Army so others can benefit from them.

Separate items that you wear everyday from clothing items that are only worn on special occasions. For example, Christmas sweaters, party dresses, and other seasonal items should be kept in another closet or in storage until you need them.

Before returning clothing to your closet, add some storage solutions to help keep it organized:

  • Free standing chrome wire shelves can store items that need to be hung as well as larger items that are folded or too bulky for normal shelving.
  • two drawer units are short and simple but work great for extra storage under longer hanging items. Clothing items that can be folded will fit perfectly into these drawers.
  • Contemporary Umbra hooks can be placed on your closet door to hang belts, coats, or other accessories that normally get in your way.
  • elfa┬« solid or ventilated wire shelves are perfect for the extra shelf space that you are looking for. Shoes and purses can be placed on these shelves while remaining convenient for you to reach.

When returning clothes to your now organized closet space, separate them by color, design, style, or season so you can quickly find what you need. Choose ways that you can stick with and remember to keep your newly organized closet clean and manageable.

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