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Summer time is the perfect time for things like barbecues, pool parties, and other fun outdoor gatherings – if you’ve got enough backyard to have them, that is!

Most homeowners have a backyard, but it’s probably fair to say it doesn’t always get the attention it needs before the weather turns nice. It’s fine, we all do it, but if you’ve got a backyard that you want to be the center of some fun outdoor parties over the next few months, you might be looking for a little help to get it presentable and ready for company.

Fear not! We’ve got some tips, ideas, and suggestions here for how to take care of all your backyard clutter and prepare for the perfect summer party:


Help clean up the kids’ toys. Younger kids still love playing outside whenever they can, even if they’ve got video games waiting indoors, and summer vacation is usually when all the fun backyard toys come back out. Of course, if you want to have a big summer get-together at your place, the toys are going to have to go somewhere else for the night (and this is a perfect chance to get your kids in the habit of cleaning up after themselves). Get some plastic storage bins (clearly labeled, of course) to hold onto the smaller toys like water guns, sports equipment, and pool toys if you’ve got a pool nearby. If your kids still have their Cozy Coupes or Power Wheels putting around the yard, set up their own little garage under an awning or next to the real garage so they have a place to keep their cars right next to the grownups!


Get that grill under control. If someone in your house loves cooking on the grill, you can rest assured they’ll be ready to fire up the coals and make dinner when company is over. Get ahead of the curve by moving some of your kitchen storage outside to get your barbecue supplies under control and arrange whatever ingredients, supplies, and tools you keep out by the grill so they’re always at hand. If you’ve got the space, moving a kitchen island outside is a good way to provide a little extra barbecue storage without encroaching on other areas. 


Make it cozy! A lot of people get stuck on the idea that indoor furniture is just for the inside, and vice versa. But if you have some spare living room furniture you don’t mind moving outside, it’s a great way to give your backyard a more homey and inviting atmosphere. Throw pillows can be added to benches and chairs for additional comfort, coffee tables can be added to the sitting area to make everything easier, and if you’ve got a way to rainproof it (or if you don’t get a lot of rain wherever you are) you can even bring some couches and easy chairs outside – just be careful about cleaning them!


Hide your tools away. Odds are you’ve collected a lot of stuff over the years to help your backyard stay under control, and these can be kind of a pain to get organized and out of the way of the festivities. In a pinch, try to clear out a corner of the garage or shed (if you have one) and set up some shelves and garage wall racks to keep everything up off the floor and easily accessible for the next time you have to mow the lawn or get something raked.


Lay out by the pool. This goes both for you and for some extra organization you could set up. Take some empty planters or small boxes and set up a few pool necessities like clean towels right nearby so your guests know where they can dry off after lounging around drinking whatever you’ve mixed up for them. It’ll help with any messes later, and your guests will be happy they’re there!


These are just a few ideas we’ve had – if you’ve got any of your own summer tips, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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