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 Summer is usually people’s favorite time to get big projects done around the house thanks to the nice weather and extra sunlight – when the rain can hold off, that is.

 It seems like a lot of the country has gotten a little more rain than usual lately, and even if you’re not exactly facing down flood conditions the rain can still put a big damper on your home projects.

But all is not lost! If you’re looking at a particularly cloudy summertime and you need to find some projects to work on at home to keep busy, here’s a few to keep in your back pocket the next time the clouds roll in:

Remember to water your plants! This probably won’t take you all day, exactly, but a good rule of (green) thumb is to take some time and water your plants when it’s raining out. If Mother Nature is trying to take care of her plants, it’s only fair you do the same for your plants inside. Take a little time to water your plants, and if you have to move them onto some new shelves to make the most of what little sunlight they’re getting today, now is as good a time as any!

Reorganize your dressers. No matter how many (or how few, if you’re not the fashion-forward type) clothes you own, there’s always a need to re-organize your bedroom dresser a little bit to help everything be easier to get to. Especially on a rainy day when nothing else is going on, now is a good time to empty your drawers, maybe line the insides of your dresser with some wallpaper or patterned cloth to protect the wood (and make it a little fancier looking), and re-organize everything to make your clothes easier to get to during the morning rush.

Empty out that pantry. Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a second – our pantries are all probably full of things that we don’t really need in there anymore. Boxes of rice from last year, SPAM we’re never actually going to cook with that our partner bought because they thought it’d be funny, raspberry preserves that were only going to be fresh for about a month anyway… it can all pile up after a while. If the rain has you stuck inside, why not use it as an excuse to throw out everything you’ve been meaning to throw out for a while now (and maybe set up some pantry organizers to make sure this doesn’t happen again).

Fix that jacket. Sometime around last fall or last spring, your favorite light jacket might have lost a button or fallen victim to some kind of horrible zipper accident (because who knows with those things, right). If you’re the kind who’s handy with a sewing needle, take a second to fix your old frayed friend before you need it again come call when the weather cools back down – and if you can’t get it back in wearable shape, it might finally be time to say goodbye.

Finally get into some crafts or hobbies. We’ve all got a huge list of things we’ve wanted to try – painting, learning an instrument, finishing that book we had the idea for at 4AM. Now that it’s raining and your outdoor plans are cancelled or delayed a little bit, why not take the time to get started on these plans? Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to get them all finished at once, but now is a good time to get started – and who knows, maybe after you finally start those yoga DVDs or whatever, you’ll find yourself really liking it!

Stock up on snacks and lunch. Rainy days indoors are a great time to get started on some meal preparation to avoid having to take the time later. Make a few lunches for the whole family through the rest of the week (or longer if you’re feeling industrious), remember to keep them portable for wherever your kids will inevitably take you, and maybe use the time to prepare some sensible snacks for yourself (pretzels, fruit, and the like) to ward off the munchies later on.

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