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Your spring cleaning is (probably) done, the weather is getting a little warmer, and you’re ready to get out there and enjoy spring! And what better way to enjoy spring than in the comfort of your own backyard on your patio or deck?


There’s only one little hiccup with that plan – you probably haven’t been out on that patio since around Labor Day! Unfortunately, this means it could probably use a little sprucing up and organizing before you can get the grill out and really make the most of your patio. Cleaning your deck will both help to freshen it up and make sure the wood lasts longer, meaning you can enjoy it for all the years to come! Here’s where to start:


Clear Any Obstructions

Before you can really get down to the dirty work, you’re going to want to clear off the patio and free up some room. Take your grill, chairs, and any tables or anything else you might have had waiting on your patio and set them aside for now – trust us, you’ll need the space! Once this is done, give everything a fast sweep with your trusty broom to make sure there’s no obstructions or anything in your way.


Soap It Up

Depending on the wood used, and how it was treated, you might want to consider a few different types of cleaning product, but there’s a few we can recommend that should help with any kind of patio or deck. Oxygen bleach is a totally green bleach alternative, generally available in powder form, that creates oxygen bubbles to clean deep down into the wood. If you don’t want to mess with bleach, many different forms of powdered laundry detergent are generally safe to mix with water and use on wood, as they should be much more gentle! Once you’ve got your porch scrubbed down and soaped up, all you should have to do is rinse it off with a hose and you’re all set!


Seal the Wood

If you’re really planning to keep your porch clean in the long run, take some wood sealant to your porch to keep away the mildew and mold that tends to build up on wood over time. Sealant is inexpensive, easy to apply, and will help prevent damage and dirt from building up on your porch over time.


Get Organized

Since you’ve already gotten everything cleared out, why not take some time to get organized? You can bring in some wire shelving to display potted plants, decorations, or give everyone a place to keep their stuff, you can use kitchen islands to help organize stuff for your grill, and hey – a few extra outdoor tables never hurt! (You’ve gotta keep your soda and hot dogs on something, right?)


Hopefully these tips help keep your patio clean, fresh, and ready to go for all the grilling and chilling you’re about to do!

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