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No matter who you are or what you do, everyone has their favorite cosmetic products, toiletries, personal effects…whatever you want to call them, we’ve all got our little beauty products. From favorite shampoos to beloved scents and everything in between, our toiletries can start to pile up pretty fast without us noticing. So what can you do to keep your bathroom organized and free from personal product clutter? Glad you asked!


Divide & Conquer!

For anyone living with a significant other, the first step to cleaning up your cosmetics is to separate everything first. Even if it’s kind of an uneven split (as one of you is bound to own more hair products than the other) you’ll want to take the time to take stock and inventory of everything you and your partner have – it’ll make the next steps much easier.


Know What To Get Rid Of

This goes a little beyond just throwing out stuff you don’t use (although it might finally be time to part with that unused bottle of Nautica, if you haven’t worn it since last year…). Believe it or not, things like shampoo and sunscreen can actually have expiration dates! It’s pretty obvious if your shampoo has gone bad (it will smell and feel…weird) but a good rule of thumb is to remember that any opened personal care product will last about 18 months at most. So if you suddenly switched shampoos sometime last year but held onto your old bottle just in case, now’s probably a good time to say goodbye.


Consider Your Daily Routine

We all have our steps we take when getting ready to face the day. A good way to organize and arrange your small items like deodorants and toothpaste is to arrange them by how, when, and how often you use them. Get a hair styling station to hang onto your blowdryer and hair straighteners, and some bath caddies would be a good place to store your more frequently-used items like hair products to make sure they’re always in your reach during the morning rush.


Make The Most Of Your Space

Bathrooms tend to be one of the smaller rooms in any house, simply by design – who has a bathroom the size of their bedroom in the real world? Vertical space usage is key in these cases, so if you can bring in some extra bathroom storage like towel racks or even an over-the-sink medicine cabinet, this will help you make the most of what room you have…at least until you finally move into that giant three-bathroom mansion, right?


We know it will be pretty hard to say goodbye to some of your old perfumes and soaps, but as soon as you start having an easier time finding everything in the morning, you’ll be glad you went through with it!

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