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Glass shelves are a look that’s managed to hang around for a long time. Once considered the cutting edge of home design for modern houses (and the high price tag that came along with it), they’ve become an affordable, stylish, and durable option for anyone looking to add a bit of organization to their home that doesn’t clash with the existing decor.

Of course, these come with their own decoration and installation dos & don’ts just like every other kind of home shelving, so if you’re looking to install glass shelves in your house and want to do it safely, or if you just want some ideas on how (and where) they can be used, read on:

Let a little light in: Glass shelves tend to work best in environments where you either need to see what’s on the shelf from a number of angles, don’t want to obstruct the flow of light, or both. Whenever you put glass shelving up, try to position it adjacent enough to windows to allow better light flow from the outside and really show off whatever it is you’re keeping up there. Speaking of…

Focus on the stuff you want to show off: Let’s face it: glass shelves look great and are a useful addition to most rooms, but you can’t really rely on them for the sort of heavy-duty storage you’d get out of something like a bookcase. Instead, glass shelves are much better served as focal points for treasured items that you want to draw attention to. Save your glass shelving for things like beloved family photos, collectables, or anything else you want to catch someone’s eye while they’re sitting on the couch.

Be extra careful with installation: Our glass shelves are well-made, long-lasting, and durable, but care should still be taken while you’re hanging them up to prevent damage to your stuff (or injury to your family). Make sure to double-check for studs and use the appropriate kinds of shelving brackets during installation to keep your shelves right where they belong: safely on the wall!

Think outside the living room: A lot of people see glass shelves and they think they’re only supposed to go in the living room. For certain storage needs in other rooms, though, glass shelves are a fantastic way to organize things like shower supplies (soap, shampoo, etc) in the bathroom, smaller dishes, plates, and cups in the kitchen, or even decorate your bedroom with everything you don’t want to keep on the dresser!

With these tips your glass shelves should serve you well for years to come, wherever you decide to hang them and whatever you decide to keep on them.

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